Top 3 Earpieces To Use In The Healthcare Industry

Designed to be small, and discreet, the SL300 portable two-way radio from Motorola is the go-to for those working in healthcare. It’s slim and rugged frame is simple to operate and easy to carry around during day-to-day tasks. Not to mention it has a wide range of features to keep staff patients safe. By creating a safe and efficient facility for patients, your staff members can excel and perform at their best. With the SL300, you can count on it to help you manage incidents and emergencies in real-time while improving the overall efficiency of your staff.

Because creating a well-run facility is top of mind for you, you require devices that will keep your conversations discreet and private. With the SL300’s wide range of earpiece accessories, you have access to seamless communications while keeping your important conversations private.

Let’s take a look at our top choices for Motorola’s SL300 earpieces:


    The enhanced 1-wire surveillance kit is designed to be comfortable for those working long shifts such as those in the hospitality industry. The rubber ear tip and its clear acoustic tube take away any discomfort that would normally occur from wearing an earpiece for an extended period of time. The in-line microphone and push-to-talk capabilities transmit and receive in a simplified, single wire design, which means you’re able to remain focused on the task at hand.


    Ideal for keeping those important conversations private, the 2-Wire surveillance kits are designed with the earpiece located on one wire and the microphone and push-to-talk button on the second wire. With this kit, you can clip the microphone to your scrubs or lab coat for easy access when you need to instantly transmit a message. For discreet conversations, you can hold the microphone directly in front of your mouth when speaking into it, making it perfect for when you need to speak in a low voice around patients and visitors.


    Another comfortably designed earpiece, the D-Style earpiece is adjustable, compact, and durable. With its dual coil cable cords, you’re able to move freely with added flexibility no matter where you attach your radio. This earpiece also features an in-line microphone and push-to-talk button to make communications on the go that much easier and simple.

Motorola’s SL300 small and portable two-way radio aims to enhance safety and efficiency no matter what environment you’re working in. By adding an earpiece to your operation, you have the ability to keep your conversations discreet and private, while having access to seamless communications without ever having to touch your radio.

If you want to learn more about other top two-way radio accessories for healthcare, download our FREE one-pager.

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