Top Three Communication Tips for Sailing Offshore

Regardless of whether you work in fisheries, are delivering goods by ship, cruising with friends, or sailing a yacht in a race, the ability to communicate reliably while traveling offshore is critical. Consistent communication allows you to update others ashore, access weather data, be prepared during an emergency situation and more.

We’ve identified our top three tips for ensuring seamless communication during your next trip offshore, regardless of what takes you there.

1. Extend Your Cellular Access

You may be able to pick up a signal on your cell phone; however, the farther out you get, the worse the signal will get. When travelling near the coast, you can easily boost your signal and range by installing a cellular amplifier. A cellular signal booster can provide an amplified cell signal throughout the cabin on your boat, supporting multiple users on any network.

2. Use Satellite Phones for Voice & Data

If your voyage takes you away from the coast and out on the open water, cell phone signals may no longer be reliable. At this point, a satellite phone from Iridium is your best bet for communication. When other communication options fail, satellite phones work everywhere you need them to work, with both rental and purchase options available.

3. Ensure Cellular When You Arrive

Your trip offshore may have you arrive in another country like the US, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, or Bermuda. In our connected world, you’ll want to use your smartphone or tablet to catch up on calls, news, and emails.

When travelling internationally, voice, text and data usage on your cell phone or smartphone can be expensive at international pay-per-use rates. It’s important to be aware of the international roaming rates that your cellular provider charges, and what roaming packages they offer, to reduce the costs. Before you go, be sure to contact your provider to find the rate that’s best for you:

To learn more about the best options for maintaining consistent and reliable communications offshore, contact a wireless communications expert at Nova Communications today, toll free: 1-888-908-6682.

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