Top 10 of 10 Years of MOTOTRBO™

For 35 years Nova Communications has depended on Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ digital two way radios to deliver our clients with innovative technology designed to keep their businesses connected. From mobile to portable, rugged to sleek, the MOTOTRBO™ line delivers the perfect marriage of digital and voice integration, while keeping your conversations secure so your business stays your business.

The list of MOTOTRBO™ products we love is long (the list of reasons we love them is even longer), but in celebrating 10 years of improving business communications, here is our top 10 list:

1. Motorola SL3500e Compact MOTOTRBO Digital Portable Radio
This is a new sleek addition to the MOTOTRBO™ line, offering a discrete design and functionality giving you quick access to key radio functions and all the information you need at a glance.

2. Motorola SL7550e Compact MOTOTRBO Digital Two Way Radio
Still providing a lightweight exterior, this compact radio has been Military Spec rated for durability and features an intuitive full-colour, easy-to-read digital display.

3. MOTOTRBO XPR7550e Two Way Radio
Designed for extreme work environments, this high-performing radio has an IP68 durability rating making it completely dustproof and waterproof up to six feet for two hours.

4. Motorola CM300d MOTOTRBO Digital Capable Mobile Radio
This radio was designed with the everyday mobile worker in mind, making it perfect for fleets on the move. Offering a high-contrast display with both digital and analog modes, the CM300d will work with your existing fleet of analog radios so you can gradually incorporate a digital platform at your own pace.

5. Motorola CP200D MOTOTRBO Digital Capable Portable Radio
Motorola’s most popular radio of all time offers clear audio, durable construction and easy-to-use functions that make it well-suited for a wide spectrum of industries. Whether it’s emergency services responding to calls or a construction company looking to increase safety on job sites, the CP200D is built to fit your environment and budget.

6. Motorola SL300 Compact MOTOTRBO Digital Portable Radio
Designed for users that are always on the go, this radio measures under an inch thick for optimal portability, reliable push-to-talk communication, and a Shatterproof Active View display screen so even though two days never look the same to you, rest assured the SL300 will consistently deliver.

7. Motorola CM200d MOTOTRBO Digital Capable Mobile Radio
This radio is compatible with all Motorola and MOTOTRBO™ radios and is perfect for construction, transportation or warehousing to provide your team with the ability to communicate and get the job done.

8. Motorola XPR5350e MOTOTRBO Digital Radio
This radio features Intelligent Audio that will automatically adjust the volume to compensate for background noise, meaning your fleet will never miss a call in demanding environments or disturb others in a quiet zone.

9. Motorola XPR3300e MOTOTRBO Digital Portable Radio
With IMPRES batteries this radio will last 40% longer so you can stop worrying about your radio dying when you’re on the road. The XPR3300e also features integrated Wi-Fi so your radio is always equipped with the latest updates.

10. Motorola XPR7350e MOTOTRBO Digital Portable Radio
This radio is designed to keep your fleet safe with features like Lone Worker, Indoor Location Tracking and Man Down. Not only will your team feel more secure, with a rugged design to Military Specs for 810 C, D, E, F and G this radio will withstand anything you throw at it.

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