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We’ve had a number of marine-based clients reaching out to us here at Nova Communications lately looking for information on two way radios and accessories for wet and rugged work environments. Well, like many different industries, we have a lot of choices for you, and it’s worthwhile to highlight some of them for other customers looking to either upgrade or purchase marine radios in the future.

In a nutshell, there are two categories of radios: radios specifically designed for marine environments (these tend to be most cost-effective) and more robust two-way radios that work well in marine environments but can do a lot more, too.

When working in a marine environment, there are a number of factors to consider – not just the wet environment. Other factors, such as noise levels from working around waves and in windy conditions, cold temperatures, ease of use capabilities, durability and, sometimes, intrinsically safe concerns, are important to consider.

As such, here are several viable options for marine-based work.

Marine VHF Radios Specifically Designed for Marine Environments

Here at Nova, we carry two marine radios. Both are Icom radios.

vhf marine radio canada


  • IC-M25

This is high-performance VHF two way radio with smart features.

Let’s start with the IP rating (the two-digit number system that determines how well the electronics keep out environmental factors that can damage its inside like dust and moisture).

First and foremost, its IPX7 waterproof rating means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

One neat feature is the “Float’n Flash,” which means that it will float and alert you to its location via a flashing red LED light and key backlight.

marine vhf radio

It also features a weather channel with weather alerts as well as AquaQuake, which prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker.

This is a slim, lightweight radio with 11 hours of battery life.


  • IC-M37

 The IC-M37 is A 6 watt VHF radio. It’s similar to the above, except its IP57 rated, making it both dust-proof and water-proof. It also offers an additional hour of operating time at 12 hours.

It also has the same Floatn’ Flash function as the radio above, meaning it floats and has a flashing LED light to help you recover it. It also offers AuqaQuake and weather channels with the Weather Alert function.

However, it also offers other features like a Low Battery Alert function and Voice Loud and Mute, allowing you to temporarily maximize/mute the volume.

More Robust Two Way Radios (That Are Also Designed for Marine Environments)

Generally speaking, any VHF radio will work in a marine environment. You simply put the frequency into the radio.

Here are our top three recommendations if you’re looking for a more robust option (i.e not a radio that’s only designed for marine environements).



This is one of Motorola’s most popular radios. It also happens to be one of the most popular radios here at Nova.

In a nutshell, this radio is simple, reliable and cost-effective. It’s also highly durable and offers all of the benefits of the latest and greatest in technology (up to 40% longer battery life, twice the capacity, greater coverage and great audio).

Let’s start with the IP rating (the two-digit number system that determines how well the electronics keep out environmental factors that can damage its inside like dust and moisture). The CP200D is rated at IP54. This two way radio has the capability of being both digital and analog, but is done so with an optional upgrade when you’re ready – great if you want to transition down the road.

Voice quality and range are strong with this MotoTRBO radio, and it has durability and battery life that will ensure you get through your work day effectively and safely.

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This is another best-seller here at Nova Communications.

With an IP67 rating, this digital and analog capable radio (without upgrades) is nothing to shake a stick at. As another MotoTRBO two way radio, it is built with durability in mind, and is capable of up to 28.5 hours of battery life with upgraded batteries.

This two way radio also comes with Motorola’s Windporting Technology – allowing you, the user, to communicate effectively and hear clearly in weather conditions like howling wind and driving rain. This technology also prevents water from clogging the mic for clear transmission when necessary among your team.

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Another best-seller, this MotoTRBO radio has an Intrinsically Safe option available at purchase, if desired. With an IP68 rating, this is a great option for marine-based industries, as it’s both dust tight and capable of being in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes or less, and is durable like you have come to expect from Motorola two way radios.

Built with Windporting Technology, allowing you to communicate clearly and effectively with your team, the XPR7000E series of radios is a strong suit in water-based industries.

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Wrapping It Up

Don’t forget about accessories! Often times our customers in marine industries are looking for these for their marine two way radio. In addition to spare parts, Nova sells everything you could need and more for your two way radio, including headsets, speaker mics and batteries.

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