3 Reasons Two Way Radios Are Better Than Cellular Phones In An Emergency

In case of a emergency within your company or a natural disaster, how will you keep in contact with your employees? The reality is, no matter how good your mobile phone service is, if the lines are overburdened, or if they are inaccessible, you’ll be without communication. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a situation that could put you and your staff in a great deal of danger. Emergency service workers the world over understand that communication is the key to ensuring survival during an emergency. Here are three reasons they use two way radios and why you should have them in your company’s safety arsenal as well.

Connect Quickly

When there’s an emergency situation, fast communication is imperative. With cell phones, you have to find each of your contacts, dial their number, wait for them to pick up and then you can start talking to them. If they don’t answer right away, you’ll have to repeat that process. Two way radios, on the other hand, offer instant communications to multiple people at the same time, which saves precious time. All you have to do is use the talk button and you’re able to instantly connect with every member of your team or company. An added benefit is every person who hears your message gets the same information. If you’re relying on cell phone communication, you run the risk of losing details as one person passes information on to the next, which could be a serious issue. What’s more, as new details, information or instructions are made available, you can update your team simultaneously, so everyone is aware of the changes right away.

Longer Battery life

You’ve probably noticed that when you use your cell phone frequently, the battery life runs out very quickly. After a few calls and text messages, it’s in need of a re-charge, which is frustrating, to say the least. However, if you have a large team to contact in an emergency, running out of power is simply not an option. You need to keep dialing until you’ve reached every person and communicated with them. Waiting for the phone to re-charge could leave some team members in the dark about what’s happening, putting them at greater risk. Two way radio transmissions are shorter and quicker, meaning they drain the battery much slower than cell phone calls. In most instances, the battery on radios will last between four to six times longer than a cell phone charge will. Although you will still have to recharge them every eight to 10 hours, depending on use, the longer battery life for each charge makes them indispensable. You can also purchase batteries for your two way radio that ensure longer battery life for the product.

Two Way Radios Are Durable

If you’re like most people, you’ve dropped your mobile phone at least once and the screen broke, or it just quit working altogether. The truth is, most mobile phones are very fragile – they don’t hold up well if they’re put under any form of pressure. What’s more, if you accidentally drop your phone in water, it will sink to the bottom and it will be utterly destroyed. In an emergency, the last thing you, or your team, needs is to worry about protecting a delicate phone. The durability of two way radios in these instances is head and shoulders above mobile phones. They can withstand a great deal of wear and tear (and some are even waterproof), making them a better choice for rough environments. What’s more, some radios are also designed for intrinsically safe operation, meaning they can be safely used in a combustible situation without worry of causing an explosion.

Not only are two way radios a better choice than mobile phones in emergency situations, but they are also an excellent way for you to communicate with your employees out in the field, every day. Since they come in a variety of frequencies, they’re an excellent option for those that operate in oil, gas and mining, agriculture and forestry, construction, transportation, recreation and many other industries.

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