3 Fantastic Walkie Talkie Options to Elevate Your Customer Service

Better customer service in work environments drives customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction means repeat sales. You and your team work hard to ensure that the efforts you provide does not go unnoticed by your customers, and that questions and help are taken care of as quickly and as effectively as possible.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t hiccups. Sometimes those hiccups can mean that employees are unable to get questions answered quickly enough – and you lose the customer as a result. This is where two way radios come in.

Two way radios, or as most people know them, walkie talkies, are no different than other equipment used in industries – the needs vary depending on the individual business and the industries it represents. That’s why Motorola continues to make a variety of walkie talkie options for the various users within various industries.  And that’s why, they have perfect options for you.

This week we will take a look at three industries that frequently use walkie talkie systems for communication among team members – often times with a focus on customer service.

With the following industries we are looking at today – hospitality, recreation and property management – we think we have three great options that will work for team needs – and across all three industries. In each of these environments, you’ve got a need for a quick turnaround for customers and patrons, and workers that have many demands being thrown at them throughout their workday. Your employees work hard, often on their feet most of the day – and could benefit from more efficient communication.

We break it down in a simple list of good, better and best options for walkie talkies below.

Good – DTR650 – A license free option with up to 19 hours of battery life and durability you’d come to expect from the Motorola brand for those busy days at work. With the right, affordable accessories, this two way radio can provide up to 350,000 square feet of coverage – the size of two average Costco warehouses, six NFL sized football fields, or large apartment complexes.

Noisy environments like sports games or wedding receptions are no match for the audio quality of the DTR650. And, if you’re in the business of consistent quick messages among your team, there are pre-programmed message options for your team and 20 private groups for discussing security or employee concerns.

Better – CP185 – The CP185 is often referred to as an all industry radio in that it really benefits more than just recreation, property management and hospitality. A cost effective communication solution for your team, as it comes with a two year warranty and is lightweight for those employees who have to carry it on their person or belt throughout a long workday.

Often times in these customer focused industries, you want and need a communication device that doesn’t take away from the need for professionalism, but also an ability to ask questions when necessary. The CP185 provides easy and discreet messaging abilities.

Long work days are also not an issue with 11 hours of battery life with the standard battery package, and more if you upgrade your accessories

Best – SL300 – The SL300 is rated the best in this list for a simple reason, because it’s made for customer serviced focused industries. The size of a smartphone, this walkie talkie truly has it all – it can hold up to the shakes and bumps of your employees, while also providing efficient communication from arena, to field, to hotel lobby.

No matter your location at work, however, sound levels are no issue, nor is the ability to communicate effectively in both indoor and outdoor work environments – no matter the weather conditions.

Add on top of this an interoperability between analog and digital, so you can transition to digital radios when you’re ready if you already have walkie talkies, and you’ve got an all-around great product.

We know the purchase investment of walkie talkies for your team can be a hard decision but, ultimately, when the purchase is made, you’ll be helping your team, and therefore your customer service, excel. Let us guide you in helping you make the best decision for your needs. Contact one of our two way radio experts who can help you navigate the ins and outs and choose the radio that’s best for your team. Or, if you want to start doing the research before you contact us, try our FREE Portable Radio Selection Guide below!

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