The Top 5 MOTOTRBO™ Safety Features

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ digital radios were designed for seamless information sharing between users, and comes with a wide range of features that aim to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency in business and industrial settings. No matter the size of your organization, MOTOTRBO’s™ enhanced features can be tailored for your specific business communication needs.

With easy-to-use features, exceptional voice quality, and a long-lasting battery, MOTOTRBO™ keeps your team connected and safe during emergencies and while working in dangerous environments. When communication is critical, you can count on these five xt safety features to step in:

1. Event-Driven Location Update

Keeping track of your fleet has never been easier with the Event-Driven Location Update feature that allows supervisors to enable reporting of events and location of their drivers. Connect your MOTOTRBO™ radio to the external “trigger” device and just like that you gain better visibility and accountability of your fleet. Alerts are sent to dispatchers when an event occurs such as when a security guard’s weapon is drawn, or when a truck door is opening or closing.

2. Transmit Interrupt

The Transmit Interrupt enables supervisors or dispatchers to seamlessly clear a channel on the radio when urgent messages need be transmitted or a call must go through, even when the channel is in use. The Voice and Emergency Voice Interrupt capabilities allow a supervisor’s radio to stop a voice transmission and start a new emergency transmission to quickly communicate information to a group or individual in critical situations.

3. Digital Emergency

This MOTOTRBO™ feature is designed for users in distress and in need of help. When the emergency button or footswitch is pressed, the radio sounds a loud alarm for when workers find themselves stuck in an emergency situation. Once the button is pressed, supervisors are sent a visual and audio alert via their two way radio and can then process calls with the Emergency Voice Interrupt feature mentioned above.

4. Emergency Search Tone

For those emergency situations where users might be unable to describe their location for whatever the reason may be, the Emergency Search Tone feature sounds an alarm when the radio is in Emergency Mode. The loud, continuous alarm transmitted by the radio will allow the user to be easily found by following the sound until they are located.

5. Lone Worker and Man Down 

For situations when users are unable to help themselves, their radio will step in with MOTOTRBO’s™ Lone Worker and Man Down features in order to safeguard them.

Lone Worker is activated when a user who is working alone has been inactive for a long period of time. If you remain inactive with no response to radio alerts, the radio will automatically send out an emergency call and activate Emergency Search Tone to help rescuers to locate the user.

Man Down is a feature designed to safeguard users working in hazardous environments by initiating an emergency call when a radio’s position or movement has fallen outside of the normal user behavior. Radios are equipped with a timer that is activated by specific movements, and if the timer expires, the user’s radio will send an alert. Similar to Lone Worker, if the user does not acknowledge the alert, the radio will initiate an emergency call and emit audio and visual alerts to help rescuers locate the user in distress.

Whether you work in Construction, Oil & and Gas, Manufacturing, Hospitality, or Emergency Service industries, MOTOTRBO™ has features that allow you to enhance your organizations safety and keep your team connected when communication is critical. For more information on these and other MOTOTRBO™ features, download our FREE catalog.

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