The Top 3 Reasons Why The ET5x Tablet Series Should Be Your Next Purchase

With the thousands of tablets on the market available at varying price points and feature combinations, how are you supposed to choose the best fit for your business? Luckily, Zebra Technologies has the right solution for you: the ET5x Tablet Series. The ET50/55 Tablets offer consumer styling for greater ease of use in the workplace, along with enterprise-class features to suit your growing business needs. The tablets combined lean design for easier handling, rugged specifications for durability, and flexible features give you all of the requirements you need out of a single tablet.

  1. Sleek and Lightweight Design
    Most consumer tablets are designed to be lightweight for easy portability but lack the features and durability that businesses need. On the other hand, military-grade industrial tablets are designed for maximum toughness, often making them bulky and impossible to carry around every day. The ET5x Series Tablets weigh only 1.2 pounds (for the 8.3-inch display option) or 1.55 pounds (for the 10.1-inch display option), making them much lighter than even the most compact industrial tablets on the market. This means greater ease of use for workers, leading to an increase in productivity and efficiency during day-to-day tasks.
  2. Rugged Specifications
    The ET5x Tablet Series may be light in physical weight, but it is no lightweight when it comes to durability. The ET50 and ET55 are engineered to last, no matter how rough your working conditions might be. Whether you use it in the rain or snow, in extreme temperatures, in a dusty area, or even if you drop it, you can count on the tablets continuous reliable operation. The tablet’s IP65 sealing provides a dust-tight design that can handle even a full-force hose-down and can withstand drops from 3.2 feet, but its rugged frame means it can handle up to almost double the drop specification.
  3. Flexible Features
    Customers have a variety of unique needs, depending on the nature of their industry and the specific ways in which workers use their devices. That’s why the ET5x Tablet Series was designed with flexibility and customization in mind. The ET50 and ET55 Tablets can operate on your choice of Android™ or Windows® operating systems, depending on what platform your business works with. As for data input, users have a variety of choices including using your finger, with or without a glove, or with a stylus to capture signatures, create sketches, and much more. The tablets are also equipped with a camera for image capture and video calls, barcodes for scanning and innovative Bluetooth scanners.

Whatever your business requirements are, and whatever industry you work in, you can be sure the ET5x Series has a tablet just for you. To find out more about Zebra Technologies ET5x Tablet Series, contact us today.


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