The Largest Portfolio of Business Applications for Digital Two Way Radios

A common frustration that companies experience when buying two way radios, is not knowing what type of technology they need to support their business operations. Industries like healthcare and emergency services, need to consider connecting a range of mobile devices for the fastest response time. Government departments need reliable network security and tools for asset management. Technology has increased the needs and number of devices for every industry, making it a necessity to have a solution that connects every moving part of your business.

Canadian companies are simplifying their search for the best business applications for two way radios by leveraging the Motorola Sold and Supported Program. This program offers Motorola MOTOTRBO digital two way radio system users the largest portfolio of commercial software applications in the industry. A selection of software solutions that are supported and managed by our team here at Nova, so our customers always know that they have the right technology when they need it.

Just like Motorola does with all of their two way radios, all MOTOTRBO applications have been field tested to develop the most effective industry solutions possible. From the control room to onsite workers, these two way radio applications are designed to boost efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Top features of the Motorola Sold and Supported Program:

Scalable Interface
These applications have been developed exclusively for Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio systems, using Motorola’s Network Application Interface (NAI). This interface leverages your existing infrastructure with cost-effective applications that can be deployed for smaller systems and scale to larger, more complex communications systems.

Industry Approved
Applications in the Motorola Sold and Supported Program are tested in Motorola’s laboratories to confirm optimal performance, interoperability, and stability. Motorola Product Management, Program Management and Quality Assurance departments are assigned to each application. They are responsible for ensuring field tests meet customer needs in real-world situations and application functions meet Motorola approved quality standards.

Access to Development
Motorola Program partners also get the details first about new applications before their general release on the market. Choose from a wide range of specialized applications such as fixed control rooms, asset and location tracking, network management, alarms, telemetry, and more.

Built-in Support
Nova Communications takes care of managing and supporting applications for our Motorola Sold and Supported Program customers. Our team is the single point of contact for support questions and issues. We handle coordinating with any third parties, if necessary, to expedite troubleshooting and solutions.

Want to see the full capabilities of your existing MOTOTRBO radio system? Or perhaps you’re just starting your search for two way radios and need some recommendations on what kind of technology your business needs. The Motorola Sold and Supported Program is designed to be cost-effective and completely customized to every individual operation. Contact our team of Certified Motorola Specialists below and see if this program is the right solution for your business.

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