The Importance of Remembrance Day to Nova Communications

Each day, Canadian military members stationed across the country and around the world protect us and keep our children, family and friends out of harm’s way.

The members of the Canadian Forces are strong, resilient people who put their lives on the line, and go face-to-face with the most unimaginable situations – and do so without hesitation on a daily basis – to help Canadians new and old, and people around the world, live a better (and safer) life.

Remembrance Day reminds us of the commitment these 68,000 military members have made to protect our lives, by risking their own. They work hard each day to make Canada a safe place to live – providing the service and security we need to rest our heads at night – and often without complaint. The work they do takes them away from their families in order to protect yours.

On November 11, we as Canadians take the time to reflect on this commitment, and the commitment of past military members who lost their lives in our honour. Nova Communications staff will be taking the time to remember them, as will people across this beautiful country we call home.

Here at Nova Communications, we have had the honour of servicing bases from coast-to-coast, and in all branches of the military – Navy, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force. From full wireless systems implemented in Eastern Canada, to two way radios and accessories helping to supply ships and bases with the technology they need to do their jobs safely.

And we’re proud of that.

Each day, our military members work tough days in difficult conditions. They endure long hours in the various weather conditions of Canada and around the world – putting themselves and their gear through the ropes.

The technology we’re providing to these military members also needs to face the tough conditions our military faces. It’s imperative in military operations that the flow of information to its members remains strong, and the wireless networks, two way radios and related parts and accessories we provide them are doing that. This technology is durable and dependable – and can stand up to even the toughest situations – just like them.

As the face of Canada changes, so will the missions faced by our military, but as Canadians we will continue to rise up and support them on Remembrance Day, and throughout the year.
So, to the military members around the world – thank you for your service – whether you’re a past member, or one of today or tomorrow.

Today and every day we value your commitment to Canada.

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