The Best Ski Patrol Radios

In search of ski patrol radios?

Communication is critical to ensuring your ski resort functions smoothly (from the chalet to the very top of your ski hill), and on that note, two way radios are the best investment you can make when it comes to professional, reliable communication.

Perhaps your current radios are approaching end-of-life or you need to add to your current fleet. Maybe this is the first time you’ll be using two way radios.

Whatever the case may be, this blog post will show you the best options for communicating across all aspects of the resort, from inside to outside.

We have a lot of customers in the ski resort business across here in Canada, and this is what we recommend.

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Ski Hills

Two way radios provide instant communication between all team members. Here are the powerful results of instant communication:

  • Improved Safety. When teams can communicate quickly in an emergency, you are in a much better positon to respond in the best way possible. For instance, chairlift operators and ski patrol can send for immediate help in the event of an accident. Alerts can be issued to staff members in the event of weather updates, lost skiers and so on.
  • A Better Guest Experience. Two way radio enables a better guest experience for the entire ski hill. For instance, chairlift operators can quickly report maintenance issues. Desk staff and housekeeping/maintenance can all contact appropriate personnel.

Best Ski Patrol Radios

When it comes to two way radios, Motorola is the cream of the crop. However, we understand that price is always important, which is why we’ve also included a budget-friendly option as well.

You’ll also notice that both options are in VHF (very high frequency). This provides the coverage you need to be able to talk on top of the mountain.

Budget-Friendly Option: Motorola’s CP200d (VHF)

Summary: This is an affordable and yet solid radio, offering great audio quality and the durability you need out on a ski hill. Available in both digital and analog, the digital version offers even more benefits, from greater coverage and battery-life as well as additional features like analog scrambling. Purchase here.

Motorola’s CP200d is both Motorola’s and Nova Communications’ best-selling radio of all time. It’s a simple but effective and highly affordable option. You can read more about it here.

In a nutshell, this radio offers superior audio quality and durability. It’s IP54 rated, making it dustproof and splash proof. It also has a Military Standard rating (MIL-STD) of 810, meaning it has been tested for altitude, high and low temperatures, rain, humidity, shock, and just about anything else you could subject this radio to.

This radio was actually upgraded in the past couple of years, and is now available in both analog and digital. Digital radios offer better audio than analog (i.e. no background noise), better coverage and battery-life, but it’s a decision you will have to make when purchasing a two-way radio. You can see why many businesses are going digital here.

One thing to note is that both versions can talk to each other, so you can start out with a mix of both analog and digital radios and see whether or not you like the digital version better.

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Motorola’s XPR3300e (VHF)

Summary: If you’re looking for something a bit more robust than the CP200d but still something simple to use, the XPR3300e is it. It offers intelligent audio and greater durability while the digital version offers safety features like Lone Worker. Purchase here.

The XPR3300e is another best-seller here at Nova Communications. Offering intelligent audio (adjusting volume based on background noise), durability (IP67, making it waterproof), and a Military Standard rating (MIL-STD) of 810, this is another solid choice for ski resorts.

Just like the CP200d, the XPR3300e also operates in both analog and digital. However, the digital version offers integrated Wi-Fi and safety features like Lone Worker, arguably a more robust feature set than the CP200d. It also does this why still being easy-to-use as the radio doesn’t have a screen, so you just need to push a button to use it.

Another great aspect of this radio is the fact that it’s compact and lightweight.

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Wrapping It Up

Two way radios are critical to providing a strong guest experience, from safety to customer service and all of the details in between.

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