The Benefit of Hotel Guest WiFi Technology

Hotel guests of today and tomorrow are vastly different than travelers and business professionals even five years ago. Today, in the hotel industry, there is an expectation for immediate mobile communication and connectivity capabilities. Having this, in turn, leads to more satisfied (and returning) guests at the end of their stay.

Poor wireless coverage in your hotel – whether it’s 10 rooms or 150, is no longer an option for patrons. According to, 99% of today’s visitors arrive at hotels carrying at least one mobile device, 45% check in with at least two mobile devices and 40% travel with three or more.

You may be shocked to know that only 64% of hotels presently offer their guests WiFi services when they travel. Some hotels, however, are taking that experience to the next level by not only offering the service but, when combined with Bluetooth and beacon technology, can step up their game in both customer service and employee productivity.

Want to learn more? Well, with Zebra Technology solutions, a Nova Communications partner, they can do just that. Here’s how:

Picture a guest when they enter the lobby of your hotel. With this technology, you can know the instant a new patron walks through your doors and be ready with a smile to serve them and answer any questions they may have. Some guests prefer quick check-in, however, and that’s an option, too. They can avoid the line-up for check-in by doing it through their mobile device and complete the process with potential keyless entry to their rooms. Once in their rooms, patrons are able to order services using their mobile technology as well.

Today’s hotel patrons are looking for unique, stand-out experiences from your hotel – something that will differentiate you from the competition. Having access to property-wide WiFi is the start of that experience – whether it’s free access or tiered pricing options.

But, like mentioned above, it’s not only customer service that benefits from this technology. It’s also employees. By leveraging the technology on location, you and your team can utilize everything from mobile computers for workforce management, to communication abilities. Connecting staff to your guests, especially when there are requests, allows for personalized experiences that generate satisfaction from patrons – and potential returns for future visits.

Your customers expect high-performance WiFi access throughout your hotel property – whether it’s in the lobby or by the pool. The last thing they want is to have to rely on their data (and the fees associated with it) in order to send that pressing work email, download the latest work presentation or stream their favourite program.

So why choose Zebra Technology through Nova Communications?

It’s simple. With seamless indoor and outdoor connectivity, high-end security and lower capital expenses, along with a reliable connection you, your team and patrons can count on, there is simply no question.

Nova Communications is able to help you integrate this technology into your hotels for use by your patrons. We are available to answer your questions at any time, so contact us today for more information.

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