The Benefit of a Minitor VI Pager

The Minitor pager is a vital device designed to suit the needs of volunteer fire departments, no matter their location – rural or suburban, and to suit your department’s requirements for communication.

In the past, the pager was used by a number of emergency personnel, including volunteer fire departments, and a number of those responders could attest to the benefit of using these devices.

Since the invention of the original Minitor pager by Motorola in the 1970’s, the product has benefited from improvements in technology that enable it to fit the needs of the user. Now in its six model, the Minitor VI, which was released in 2014, there is certainly one thing that hasn’t changed – the pager as a communications tool.

As a portable, receive-only transmitter, small in shape but mighty in design, the Minitor VI is a great option for your team.

Some of the benefits of the Minitor VI include:

  • Up to 16 minutes of voice recording – Why is this important? Think about the firefighter who, in the middle of the night, gets a page to his device indicating he is needed to respond to an emergency. Having been waken up, he/she needs time to process where they’re going before they head out the door. If they didn’t hear the address correctly, or if there’s other relevant information to know, that responder can listen again to find out and respond accordingly to the situation at hand. And, if they don’t want to listen to the whole message again, there is the added advantage of skipping, fast forwarding, rewinding and deleting the message.
  • Customizable call alerts – You can customize the alert, including different vibrations for calls.
  • Flexible, rugged design – This pager is built with the first responder in mind. Firefighters expose themselves to environments where durability is important. The Minitor VI fits that bill. With a name like Motorola attached to the device, and the accelerated life testing its products go through, including drop, vibration and shock testing, there’s a guarantee that the Minitor VI will hold up when you need it most.
  • Available in Intrinsically Safe – Perfect for use in areas with flammable gases and vapours.
  • Wideband Receiver Designs – With an ability to cover the full VHF band, this pager is more easily connected with other departments in your area. Vital for big calls!
  • Flexible Battery Options – The Minitor VI comes with a rechargeable battery option, but there are other accessories to consider. A charger with a built-in voice amplifier ensures you don’t miss a call, and voice announcements that indicate battery levels – never run out of power again!

The range achieved by the Minitor VI depends on the strength of the transmitter, but it’s nothing to bat an eye at. A repeater is often used to improve coverage, but with an improved receiver design in the pager, maximum range is ensured.

The newer models of the Minitor pagers have the ability, also, to scan two channels.

If you’re a user of a former Minitor pager model, you may have considered an upgrade to the latest technology. The VI model has proven itself time and time again, and could help you and your department with efficiency on a call.

Want to learn more about how the Minitor VI may better suit your needs in fire departments across Canada? Nova Communications has the knowledge of how this can benefit you, the user. Contact us today for more information.

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