Team of Two Way Radio Experts at Nova Expands

The Nova Communications team continues to grow – and we couldn’t be happier about it. With six people joining the team in 2016, our team of talent offers you, the customer, everything you need to get your communication questions answered.

Our team continues to grow, and has expanded by one in 2017 – with the addition of a two way radio expert on our Online Business team.

Dillon Ross, a Cape Breton native, joined the Halifax team in March – and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. Dillon comes to Nova after finishing his double major in marketing and human resources from Saint Mary’s University. That, combined with previous experience in telecommunications from local cell providers, makes him a perfect fit for Nova Communications.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Dillon to the online team,” says Rob Ramshaw, the Online Business Manager at Nova Communications. “He has a great attitude, loves helping customers, and is well organized, which is a must when you are working from customers from coast-to-coast. Dillon wants to make sure that his customers are successful with Nova Communications products and services and his customers will see that extra commitment as they work with him.”

And Dillon already sees the value in two way radios for workplace communication – even in the short time he’s been with the team.

“I understand other communication products, and while they’re a great solution and we offer them here at Nova, too, I can see the value in the two way radio because they do things that other service communications don’t. In my seven plus years in cellular, I know how important that is to customers, keeping in contact and having reliable communication. I feel like I’ll be able to leverage this when dealing with two way radios at Nova.”

Dillon is like a lot of people, and thought that two way radio technology was becoming obsolete – or only used in industries like construction or industrial. As he’s been at Nova, he’s realized the growth in the industry and the different applications it has for a vast majority of businesses in Canada, and around the world.

“Companies rely on proven, trusted technology, but there’s also been new development in the product category. There’s something that two way radios provide that other devices do not. The misconception is that two way radios are a dying product when in reality it’s not. It’s growing and I don‘t think it’s something that is ever going to go away.”

Dillon’s goal is to leverage his sales and technology background to help new and returning Nova Communications customers with their two way radio needs. He will be a main point of contact in a number of Canadian customer service focused industries – from hospitality, recreation, retail, education and health care. Another benefit of him on our team? Dillon is bilingual in French, and can help our customers across Canada who prefer service in that language.

As someone who considers himself highly motivated, Dillon feels he will be a great fit with the Nova team based on his time thus far.

“It’s a close knit group of people, a really positive environment. Just by researching Nova Communications, to see the growth it’s had in a short period of time, I was really impressed with where the business has come, and looking forward there’s a huge growth opportunity for the business, but I see the great potential of being part of such a highly motivated, diverse team. I think my background has given me a lot of experience in similar industries that I can apply to Nova customers and Nova as a whole.”

With more than 30 years in the two way radio business, Nova Communications has the answers to all your two way radio needs. We’ve worked with customers big and small across Canada to help solve communications concerns, and we’d be happy to help you.

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