Team Communication Frustrations? 4 Technologies That Work With Two Way Radios

It doesn’t matter what industry you speak to – in today’s business world, efficiency and productivity drive success. Having a connected workforce helps drive that success. In fact, 96 per cent of executives have said that a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication has been a source of workplace failures.

But the struggle is finding a communication device that will work across the board for all team members, right? Wrong. Enter team communications from Motorola.

Team communications is fairly simple – it’s connecting users of two way radios in the workplace with the rest of your workforce using any device, anywhere. With the right infrastructure, your personnel can speak across devices in real-time, using software to connect the technologies.

Each team member in a workforce requires something different to successfully complete their tasks on a daily basis – whether it’s a computer, smartphone or two way radio. Depending on the role of that individual, needs vary. An executive, for example, is tied to the need to stay connected, while a production employee benefits mostly from communication with other team members on the floor and direct supervisors.

In fact, in today’s workforce, approximately 85 per cent of workers complete their daily tasks and objectives successfully by using multiple devices. Embracing that change is important to the continued success and efficiency in a workplace.

With team communications capabilities, workforce’s are connected without boundaries, with no worry over networks, devices or geographic boundaries. Whether your employees are working on site, on the road, or in another country, connecting with your team can happen (and instantly).

So, what kind of devices are able to be connected together? Let’s take a look:

Smartphones – Approximately 92 per cent of manufacturers have said they would work more efficiently with the ability to connect their smartphones to their two way radios. At the push of the button on your smartphone, that’s possible. Imagine hitting a button on your phone and getting instant communication with your team member on their two way radio close by, or miles away!

Laptops and Tablets – Approximately 50 per cent of manufacturers say there is value in connecting two way radios with tablets and laptops – providing up-to-date work order information, communication with supervisors, GPS tracking abilities and more. This is possible with team communications!

Landlines or Desktop Phones – Someone in an office doesn’t necessarily require a two way radio to communicate with their team members. What they do need, however, is the ability to communicate with those team members with radios when they need to. Both are possible with team communications. With the correct console software, dispatchers are able to not only speak with two way radios, but also text radios for quick communication.

Internet of Things (IoT) – This gives you the ability to be more productive with an added insight and eye on your business. Options include everything from SCADA, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and networks (which leverage the various communication sources your team may use).

The result is simple. With a connected workforce, connected employees often see a 20 to 25 per cent increase in productivity. The result for you is success. It’s a safer team. It’s a more efficient team.

These team communication abilities are not limited by industries, or number of devices. Having a business with a focus on interoperability will see results. With 80 per cent of two way radio users saying having fast, immediate team communication is imperative to their business speaks to itself. The ability to connect your radios to different devices is essential for creating that successful work environment.

How can your team communications benefit from having the right tools in place? You may be surprised to learn how simple the process can be for your team. At Nova Communications, we have more than 30 years in the two way radio industries, and have worked with customers like you to solve communication issues big and small.

Whatever the capacity, our team of two way radio experts is available to answer your questions. Contact us today for more information.

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