Streamlining Transit Safety and Efficiency with Seon

In a world where security cameras are ubiquitous, installing cameras on buses to help keep drivers and passengers safe is a no-brainer. Next-generation transit surveillance systems boast an increasing number of features beyond security cameras, giving fleet managers the ability to track buses, track ridership, and plan their routes.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the innovative features available with surveillance system manufacturer, Seon.

Transit Surveillance

A transit surveillance system is a set of tools used to keep riders and passengers safe. Commonly deployed on school buses and public transportation, transit surveillance systems can dissuade unsafe behaviour and can aid in investigations when an incident occurs. A bare-bones solution includes a camera system to monitor the inside of a bus and its immediate surroundings.

Cutting-edge surveillance systems, such as those from Seon, help transportation managers capture, record, wirelessly download, view, and easily manage on-board security footage quickly and reliably. Seon’s cameras can work in tandem with their fleet management solutions such as live vehicle tracking, ridership tracking, and routing software to give fleet managers a complete view of their operations.

Cameras and Recorders

Mobile cameras are the foundation of a surveillance system. Mounted both inside and outside vehicles, bus cameras provide full situational awareness.

Seon’s end-to-end transit surveillance solutions let fleet managers:

  • Capture footage using a range of analog and IP cameras in high or standard definition
  • Have a complete view of every incident with recorders that capture up to 16 cameras with full audio
  • Securely download recordings or stream live footage via Wi-Fi or cellular networks
  • Easily locate relevant recordings to expedite incident response

School Bus Stop Arm Cameras

Cameras can also be used to keep students safe before they step on a school bus. Stop arm cameras can deter other drivers’ unsafe behaviour and can help with the incident investigation.

Stop arm cameras can:

  • Automatically trigger violation recordings allowing the driver to stay focused on student safety
  • Capture license plate numbers of violators in high definition
  • Tag video evidence with date, time, and GPS location
  • Automatically download footage via Wi-Fi

Fleet Tracking and Route Management

Seon’s fleet management system uses GPS data to track vehicles in real-time. This data can be used to quickly locate buses, respond to complaints about missed stops, and update parents on late student arrivals. In addition to streamlining security, fleet tracking can help identify fuel-saving opportunities and driver inefficiency. Seon’s web-based fleet tracking system gives fleet managers a map-based view of every bus in the fleet and includes data on vehicle speed, direction, stops, and idling.

Fleet tracking software can:

  • Generate real-time alerts for delays or emergencies
  • Work with Seon cameras, so fleet managers to live steam video in the event of a delay or emergency
  • Monitor surveillance systems to identify outages

Ridership Tracking

Seon takes school bus safety further with student ridership tracking, which can quickly determine if a student got on a bus, missed their stop, or got off at the wrong stop using RFID technology. When students tap their ID card on an RFID reader, the data is sent through a secure server in real-time to determine if a student is on a bus.

Student tracking can:

  • Generate accurate ridership counts to assist in route planning
  • Pinpoint the exact location of a student on a bus to respond to emergency situations faster
  • integrate with Seon’s cameras offering an additional layer of visual student identification

Route Management

Seon offers web-based school bus routing software that integrates with both video and fleet tracking systems to simplify route planning. Seon’s school bus routing software works with student tracking and fleet management systems to plan the most efficient routes that consider factors such as the number of vehicles and drivers, traffic, and class start times.

Route management systems can:

  • Collect data from ridership tracking and fleet management systems to give parents real-time updates on delays
  • Generate “what if” scenarios to aid in emergency preparedness
  • Assist new drivers with directions

Get Started

Want to improve safety and efficiency for your fleet but don’t know where to start? Seon’s Transit Buyers Guide can demystify the world of transit surveillance and help you find the solution that’s right for your fleet.

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