WPLN4212 - IMPRES Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger


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This WPLN4212 multi-unit IMPRES charger for XPR-series radios allows customers the ability to quickly charge batteries while optimizing talk time and life cycle. This charger works with the XPR Series of radios and the APX Series of radios.

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A multi-unit system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance. This IMPRES multi-unit rapid rate charger has advanced conditioning features that allow batteries to be left on charger for extended time without heat damage. Batteries left on the charger are also kept fully charged, so they are at the ready for quick switches when needed. Talk time and life cycle are optimized as the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated. This system will also charge compatible non-IMPRES batteries (except SL7550).

Compatible with XPR7350,  XPR7550XPR3300XPR3500XPR6350XPR6550APX1000APX3000 and APX4000.

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