Motorola DTR650 Digital Onsite 900MHz Portable Radio

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The DTR650 has been discontinued, you can learn more about the replacement the DTR700 by clicking here.

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Motorola DTR650 Onsite Digital Portable Radio

The DTR650 has been discontinued, you can learn more about the replacement the DTR700 by clicking here. The Motorola DTR650 is Nova Communications' top selling two way radio, perfect for indoor onsite communication. Industries such as K-12 schools, hotels, property management, recreational facilities, in-building construction, warehousing, and manufacturing can benefit from the enhanced coverage, battery life, and audio quality of the Motorola DTR650 two way radio.

The Motorola DTR650 operates on the 900 MHz ISM frequency-hopping digital spread spectrum, which is unique to the device. Not only does this help ensure private communication, it means that no licensing is required, so organizations can stay on-budget with no setup fees and no monthly or per-minute charges. The Motorola DTR650 renowned for its enhanced performance and superb in-building coverage—up to 350,000 square feet or 20 floors. It's long battery life and digital audio quality make it the perfect two way radio for indoor onsite communication.

Motorola DTR650 Features & Benefits

  • Operates on 900 MHz ISM spectrum, unique to the device
  • No licensing required
  • Highly portable and lightweight at only 7.6oz
  • Superior in-building coverage with up to 350,000 sq. ft of coverage
  • Lithium ion battery with minimum 14 hours of operation per full charge
  • Digital audio quality
  • Rugged polycarbonate casing
  • Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes
  • Quickly configurable
  • Private, secure communications
  • Radio Type Portable
  • EnvironmentDigital
  • Intrinsically SafeNo
  • Channels4 Channel
  • Frequencies 900 MHz
  • Standard Package
    • High Capacity Li-ion Battery (53964)
    • Rapid Rate Charger (53969)
    • 900MHz Stubby Antenna (8505241U06)
    • Swivel Belt Holster (53961)
    • CD-ROM User Guide
    • Quick Reference Card
    • 1 Year Warranty


  • Device Dimensions 5.2” H x 2.3” W x 1.4” D (132.3mm x 57.2mm x 35.4mm)
  • Device Weight 7.8oz. (218g)
  • Battery Cycle 19 Hours - Duty Cycle 5-5-90
  • Military Specifications Military Standards 810, C, D, E, F

Customer Reviews

  • Review by Montreal -
    These are fantastic radios, I love them!
    I work for a securtity company and we needed knew radios. I bought these because the tranmission are very clear also in very noisy places. Trust me! Best of all, they don't need any kind of permit. The DTR series offers many channels. I think they are the best two-way radios for business on this web site. You can also transmit alerts in case of emergency. The radios have many features that you would like. This is the ultimate business tool!!!
  • Review by Montreal -
    I forgot to tell that nobody can listen to your transmissions or to hear you on a other Radio then the DTR series. It's ultra private radio communication. NOT EVEN WITH A SCANNER!
  • Review by Explorer -
    They range of these radios is the city, tall buildings, open terrain, in the forest and between cars!

    City: 3 to 3.5km
    Buildings: They work over 86 floors!!! I have tested them in the Empire State Building! The structure is very impressive! They would work in every big mall, hotel and school!
    Open terrain: 4 to 5km
    In the wilderness and forest: 3 to 4km
    Between 2 cars: 2.5km to 3km (the range be longer if 3 radios were used)

    In every condition they shine! Rain, extreme humidity, sand, dirt have no effect on the DTR radios. They audio is very loud and clear when their is high noise or no noise at all! I know what the worst conditions are for the radios, they have been their also! Before them I owned 3 Motorola HT1000 UHF 4Watts public safety radios they were getting to old, they batteries didn't last more than 5 to 6 hours. They range was not very good...static was a big problem! In some places I was on the same frequency as the security or maintenance... Now with my 3 1Watt DTR two-way radios have no problem and the ended costing less that other professional equipment. The last thing is the battery it last up to 16 hours, when we talk a lot!
    If you have any questions about my review please e-mail me! Thanks for taking the time to read it! I'm sorry it's to long...
  • Review by Michelle - Vancouver -
    The performance and quality of these radios are very comparable to much more expensive Motorola radios.


    - Sound Quality: very good (digital)!

    - Range: in my tests, as good as UHF 4W radios!

    - Battery life: lasts much longer than UHF 4W radios in tests I did (with HT1250 radios).

    - Features: Digital technology provides many more options such as privacy groups, and private conversations between single radios.

    - FHSS technology makes them a bit more secure since the communication between the radios "HOP" very fast across many channels while transmitting/receiving.

    - License FREE!! - save the $46/year Industry Canada fee.

    - Customer programmable via Motorola CPS Software
    a) Fairly easy to do.
    b) CPS Software is free from Motorola (needs programming cable though).
    c) Most other Motorola radios need expensive CPS programming software.

    You can't beat these for the price!

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