How Avigilon Can Help Secure Your Site and Comply with COVID-19 Protocols

While securing your facility is always crucial, the COVID-19 pandemic adds an extra layer of urgency as businesses look for ways to manage public health protocols.

Avigilon’s solutions help security teams see and do more with minimal investment in new resources. Combining the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software with the Access Control Manager (ACM), a physical access control system, creates a powerful and unified security solution that helps you proactively monitor and secure your staff, visitors, and facility.

The ACC and ACM systems enable security teams to detect and respond to issues quickly. Investigations that once took hours or days can be done in minutes. Aviligon’s solutions operate on a browser-based open platform making it easy to integrate with existing video software and devices or only pay for the features you need.

Keep reading to discover some of the ways Avigilon can help your security team do more.

Secure Your Facility

Avigilon’s ACM solution eliminates the need for fobs or access cards, providing hands-free access to staff and visitors. Powerful identity management capabilities are enabled when the ACM is integrated with the ACC. Here’s how identity management works:

  • Verify a person’s identity by comparing credentials with live video capture in ACC software.
  • Use the Identity Search feature to search site-wide for an individual based on their ACM credential ID.
  • Initiate an Avigilon Appearance Search to help find a person’s current location or see where else they’ve been.

Respond To Incidents Faster with Analytics

Avigilon offers a large portfolio of cameras that integrate with ACC and ACM to provide a range of useful analytic information. High-definition cameras scan the environment and feature AI-enabled software that allows the cameras to analyze and learn from their environment continuously.

Avigilon’s solutions can detect various entities such as people, faces, license plates, and other objects. This data is used to detect events and perform searches. A simple search may include the detection of a license plate in a parking lot, or it can find more complex events such as the location of an unauthorized person in a specific area.

Alerts to pre-defined events can be set up so that security personnel can respond in real-time. Instead of viewing hours of security footage, analytics make it easy to find specific moments of interest in a video file.

Comply With COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Avigilon’s automated tools improve monitoring of ongoing safety protocols put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They can improve compliance with safety protocols and help deter conflict between customers and staff.

Using Avigilon’s security cameras, security staff can monitor and receive alerts for the following activities:

  • Occupancy limit detection that notes when a person crosses an entry or exit point and displays the number of people in an area to indicate whether an occupancy limit has been reached.
  • Social distancing detection uses video analytics to display the proximity of one person to the other.
  • Face mask detection analytics determine if a person is wearing a mask. Reports can be run to determine levels of compliance.
  • Body-worn cameras improve safety and security for front-line workers. The cameras can connect to Avigilon Control Centre so security staff can respond to incidents in real-time.

Whether you are looking for a simple way to manage access or for a more customized solution that integrates with industry-leading applications already in use at your organization, ROCK Networks can help.

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