MOTOTRBO Digital Mobile Radio

Digital mobile radio (DMR) has become the new global standard for two-way radio. Customers enjoy new digital features and capabilities at an ever-improving price-performance. HIS Research shows that over a million DMR users are added every year worldwide, and that pace is increasing.  MOTOTRBO_System_Photo_EMEA_APAC (1)

Nova has designed and deployed the world-leading DMR, Motorola MOTOTRBO, for a many customers across Canada, including:

  • Multi-agency systems for airports and ports with interoperability to other systems and users
  • Wide-area systems for school buses with GPS tracking and dispatch
  • Reliable and cost-effective systems for municipal fire, police and public works
  • Campus systems for universities, colleges and schools
  • Ground search and rescue (GSAR) with GPS/data integration to GSAR software
  • Rugged solutions for manufacturing and processing customers
  • Intrinsically-safe systems for oil & gas
  • Feature-rich multi-site systems for utilities
  • Efficient and discreet systems for hospitality and recreational customers

DMR is a global standard which most radio manufacturers have joined, including: Motorola MotoTRBO, Kenwood NEXEDGE, Harris Momentum, ICOM IDAS and Tait DMR. We have standardized on the MotoTRBO platform due to its market leadership, flexibility to meet a specific customer’s requirements, and wide application development options.

Customers choose DMR for the numerous benefits, including:

  • Data features such as GPS location services, text messaging and man-down alarming
  • Seamless integration with dispatch consoles such as TrboNet
  • Improved use of spectrum accommodates Industry Canada’s narrowbanding efforts
  • Variety of architecture options from single site to wide area to best meet coverage and capacity needs
  • Ability to deploy over IP networks and equipment, extending with PTP links as required
  • Different software applications targeted at specific industries and requirements
  • Many subscriber options from low-cost SL300 to powerful XPR 7550
  • Diverse accessory options such as Bluetooth speaker microphones to noise-cancelling headsets
  • Improved battery life and intelligent battery technology on portable subscribers
  • Ability to integrate telemetry for equipment monitoring, control and automated alerting

Nova Communications has deep DMR experience to understand your requirements, design the optimal system for your objectives, supply and stage the solution, and then install and commission at your locations.