Solacom (a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.) provides the most flexible multimedia emergency call management solutions for public safety answering points (PSAPs).

At Solacom, public safety communications management is not a sideline, it’s our single focus. Our user-centric, multimedia Guardian 9-1-1 solutions are built on more than 30 years of research and innovation in the application of advanced hardware and software technologies for public safety.

Our dedicated team of hardware and software engineers has been deeply involved in the development and ratification of today’s industry standards and has delivered numerous industry firsts, including:

• First Geospatial Router in operation (pre-NENA specification) — 2007 for enterprise 9-1-1 traffic
• First demonstration of USDOT proof of concept at NENA 2009
• First national deployment that replaced DMS-100 tandems for 9-1-1 selective routing
• First national deployment using direct IP connectivity from a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) — Kentucky
• First fully IP-hosted customer premise equipment (CPE) ESInet — Indiana
• First NENA-certified NG9-1-1 — Illinois
• First statewide NG9-1-1 system — Maine

Today, we continue to work with industry associations and working groups to define and deliver tomorrow’s standards for effective and efficient emergency call management.