Motorola APX8000 All Frequency Band Portable Radio

The Motorola APX8000 is a major revolution on portable radio technology. The APX8000 has the ability to operate on 4 radio frequency spectrums (VHF, UHF, 700MHz, 800MHz) That allows for the best interoperability in the industry. With the large speaker for loud and clear audio.
IC-F7040 P25 Digital Transceiver
Best Seller

The IC-F7040 series are small and lightweight P25-compliant 700/800 MHz radios and can be upgraded to Phase 1 trunking and Phase 2 trunking with a license key. The radios offer rugged durability and IP68 submersible protection and are easy to use with a high visibility color LCD screen. Plus the GPS receiver, Bluetooth® and microSD card slot come standard.

Motorola APX4500 P25 Mobile Radio
Best Seller

Whether it's a public safety team or public transit, the Motorola APX4500 is a major revolution on mobile radio technology - and is equipped for mission critical communications. The APX4500 is durable enough to withstand what you'll put it through, with both IP56 rating (one of the highest for mobile radios) and MIL-STD certification.