RKN4136 - Ignition Sense Cable

Motorola RKN4136 - If you're a mobile two way radio user, this is a vital accessory for your needs. This ignition sense cable, which connects your vehicle battery to your mobile radio, senses when your vehicle is not in use, and turns off your mobile two way radio to save battery power. Don't deal with drained batteries again with this accessory. Compatible with DGM4100, DGM5000 series, DGM6100, DGM8000 series, XPR4000 series and XPR5000 series of two way radios from Motorola.
3060665A04 - AC Power Supply Cable
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Motorola 3060665A04 - This 110V AC power supply cable is a mission critical accessory for the GPN6145 power supply unit by Motorola (providing backup battery hook-up). A great accessory for long days on the job. Compatible with APX1500, APX4500, APX7500, APX8500, XTL1500, XTL2500, XTL5000, XPR2500, XPR4000 series, XPR5000 series and XPR5000e series of two way radios from Motorola.