WPLN4187 - IMPRES Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger

This WPLN4187 multi-unit IMPRES charger for HT-series radios allows customers the ability to quickly charge batteries while optimizing talk time and optimum battery life. This charger uses advanced charging algorithms and automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition and can be safely left on the charger for extended periods, keeping them fully charged when you need them, without subjecting them to heat damage.

PMLN7101 - Standard Multi-Unit Charger

In work environments with multiple two-way radios in use, a number of teams have seen the benefit in the multi-unit charger. Charge up to six radios at once and know that all your radios are in one area at the end of the day. This multi-unit charger, built for the SL300 two-way radio.

PMLN6687 - Standard Multi-Unit Charger

Motorola PMLN6687 - If you've got a team with a number of two way radios, this is not only a good way to charge multiple units in one go, but keep better track of your radios at the end of a shift. Both sleek and functional, but built for tough work environments, this is a great investment. Compatible with up to six SL series radios or batteries for charging, including the SL7000 and the SL7000e two way radio.
WPLN4219 - IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger w/ Displays
Best Seller

Motorola WPLN4219 - IMPRES batteries are the top of the line option for your two way radio needs. This multi-unit IMPRES battery charger is fantastic for teams with multiple two way radios in their fleet. As a product, it displays real-time analyzing information that enables you to maximize talk time and your battery cycle life. A rapid rate charger for quick turnaround. Compatible with APX1000, APX3000, APX4000, XPR3000, XPR3000e, XPR7000, XPR7000e, XPR6000 series, XPR6580IS and XPR7550IS.
PMLN6701 - Standard SL Series Tri-Unit Charger
Best Seller

Motorola PMLN6701 - If you do not require multi-unit chargers, but want the ability to charge both a battery, radio and wireless accessories at the same time, then this is a fantastic accessory for you. Capable of charging either a standard or high-capacity battery for the SL7000 series of radios from Motorola. Small and compact for easy use, whether it's on your desk or on the go.