HLN9793 - Single-Unit Charger Insert Spacer

Motorola HLN9793 - This durable and reliable single-unit charger spacer insert is compatible with "A" version chargers ONLY. Universal rapid-rate charger can recharge batteries of all three chemistry types, on or off the radio, in three hours or less. Compatible with HT Series and MTX Series radios from Motorola.
RLN6304 - 2-Hour Rapid Charger Kit

Motorola RLN6304 - If you're someone who often doesn't have the time to charge their two way radio, this may be the accessory solution for you. With this two hour rapid charging kit, be sure your radio battery is ready when you need it. This unit can charge the radio either with the battery inside or as a stand alone unit of just the battery itself. Compatible with the CP110 and RDX Series of radios from Motorola.