56531 - CLS Series Multi-Unit Charger

Motorola 56531 - This CLS Series multi-unit charger from Motorola is built to make charging your CLS two way radios a more efficient process, allowing you to charge up to six two way radios at one time. An easy way to charge all the radios at the end of the work day and ensure they are ready for use before the next shift starts. An incredible accessory to have for businesses with multiple radios.
HLN9793 - Single-Unit Charger Insert Spacer
Best Seller

Motorola HLN9793 - This durable and reliable single-unit charger spacer insert is compatible with "A" version chargers ONLY. Universal rapid-rate charger can recharge batteries of all three chemistry types, on or off the radio, in three hours or less. Compatible with HT Series and MTX Series radios from Motorola.