PMKN4144 - XPR5000 Series Mobile Remote Mount Cable Kit

Motorola PMKN4144 - Perfect for users on the move, who want to maintain communication with their team on their two way radio, this mobile remote mount five meter cable kit is meant to be used with PMLN6404. Used to connect the mobile control head to the chassis for remote mounting in your vehicle on the go. Compatible with XPR 5000 series of mobile two way radios from Motorola.
GLN7318 - Desktop Tray (Without Speaker)
Best Seller

Motorola GLN7318 - Mobile two way radios can be used in office environments as well with this great accessory. This desktop tray converts your mobile into a base station, or can be mounted to your desk for secure use. Ideal for a number of industries such as transportation and dispatch. No speakers included. Compatible with XPR4000, XPR5000, XPR5000e, CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550 two way radios from Motorola.
FTN6083 - In-Dash Two Way Radio Mount Kit
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Motorola FTN6083 - With distracted driving becoming more of an issue, and provincial jurisdictions keeping an eye on the issue, having a two way radio mount for your vehicle will help you and your team keep an eye on the road, instead of your radio. Mount your radio with this in-dash mounting kit. Compatible with CM Series and XPR2500 mobile two way radios from Motorola.