RAE4163ARB - UHF Stubby Through Hole Mount Antenna (410-430 MHz)

Motorola RAE4163ARB - Built for people on the go, who still want to maintain strong two way radio communication with their team - an ideal accessory if this is you. This roof mount antenna kit has 3dB gain and comes with brass mount and 17 feet of cable (RG58U/U). It is designed to direct the signal more towards the horizon, and is perfect for use in more geographically flat regions where signal coverage is sparse and must cover a larger area. Built for UHF. Compatible with APX4500, APX6500, APX7500, CDM750, CDM1550, CM200, CM300, GM300, M1225, PM400, PM1500, XPR4000, XPR5000, XTL1500 and XTL2500 series of two way radios from Motorola.