RLN6491 - XBT Heavy Duty Wireless Bluetooth Headband Headset

Motorola RLN6491 - In loud work environments, it's important to protect your hearing - but at the same time, you can't miss out on the message. This XBT wireles Bluetooth digital headset is built for those workplaces - and is comfortable for wearing, too. Shields you from harmful, high-decibel noise while letting you hear the surrounding sounds you need to - people, alarms, alerts, and more. Also available in behind-the-head style. Compatible with the XPR5000e, XPR6000, XPR7000, SL7000 (including 'e' version), APX6000, APX7000 and APX8000 series two way radios.
RMN4057 - Receive Only HT Series Headset From Peltor

Motorola RMN4056 - Built for highly noisy work environments, but built to be worn comfortably throughout the work day, this receive only headset is an accessory you can rely on. Features easily replaceable earseals filled with a liquid and foam combination that comfortably provides protection from external noise. Compatible with the APX6000 and APX6000XE, XPR 7000e series and APX8000 and APX8000XE series of two way radios.