Property Management

Communications Solutions for the Property Management Industry

From retail shopping malls to multi-story or building complexes, ROCK Networks has helped hundreds of property managers with their communications needs. Two-Way radios are crucial in protecting your property and facilitating communication between staff. Smart Buildings and IoT solutions can increase productivity and quality while minimizing costs. Wi-Fi is now a necessity for the kind of on-site experience today’s customers expect. No matter what solution you are looking for, ROCK Networks can guide you through the process.



ROCK Networks is home to industry-leading RF engineers in the design and implementation of IoT networks.

Wi-Fi Solutions


Wi-Fi is now an expectation among today’s consumers. Partnering with the leader in cloud controlled Wi-Fi, ROCK Networks is trusted by some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Two-Way Radio

Two-Way Radio

ROCK Networks has been serving the property management sector for over 40 years.

Handheld Portable Two-Way Radios for All Industries

Whether it is responding to a water line break causing flooding, to protecting your property from vandalism or damage, Hytera radios are essential equipment for property managers when it comes to facilitating day-to-day communication.

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Portable two-way radios can provide the right solution to help them to stay connected, enhance safety, strengthen security and boost efficiency.