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Communications Solutions for the Oil, Gas & Mining Industry

Workers in the oil and gas industry have long depended on ROCK Networks to find Motorola two-way radio solutions to improve safety, reduce costs and increase productivity. Now the oil and gas industry is adopting IoT to increase efficiency and monitoring while reducing costs. Whether you are working offshore in Newfoundland, a mine in Northern Ontario, or an oil and gas plant in Alberta, ROCK Networks is here to help.



ROCK Networks is home to industry-leading RF engineers in the design and implementation of IIoT networks.

Two-Way Radio

Two-Way Radio

Two-way radio users in the oil, gas, and mining industries depend on radios to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity

Handheld Portable Two-Way Radios for All Industries

Because of the volatile nature of these work environments, CSA Intrinsically Safe Radios are often required. With a full lineup of CSA Intrinsically Safe Radios and batteries from Motorola, as well as Peltor headsets for hearing protection, ROCK Networks can help with your requirements. Please contact us to find out which radio is best for your operation.

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Portable two-way radios can provide the right solution to help them to stay connected, enhance safety, strengthen security and boost efficiency.