Communications Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing businesses understand that having safe and productive employees makes the difference when it comes to staying competitive in today’s global economy. ROCK Networks has helped hundreds of manufacturing organizations in Canada to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase safety on the plant floor by using Motorola two-way radios. ROCK Networks can also help you implement IoT solutions that will help your organization be more efficient while reducing costs.



ROCK Networks is home to industry-leading RF engineers in the design and implementation of IoT networks.

Two-Way Radio

Two-Way Radio

ROCK Networks can help find the right manufacturing radio for your operation.

Handheld Portable Two-Way Radios for All Industries

With industry-leading digital radio technologies like the Motorola on-site digital DTR700 radio or the full line of MOTOTRBO digital radios, ROCK Networks can help find the right manufacturing radio for your operation. Our experience working with manufacturing clients will help you gain the competitive advantage you need, and be able to see your return on investment in a short time.

ROCK Networks has been serving manufacturing plants for over 40 years. With an industry-leading portfolio of technology designed for manufacturers to expert radio technicians, best-in-class technical support and AIR MILES Reward Miles on every two-way radio purchase, we’re the number one Motorola dealer in Canada.

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