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Communications Solutions for the Agriculture & Forestry Industry

Canada is known for its rugged terrain and weather that is unpredictable and harsh. ROCK Networks has helped customers in the agriculture and forestry industries find the right two-way radio to meet their needs. With smart farms on the rise, ROCK can help guide you through the process of finding an IoT solution.



ROCK Networks is home to industry-leading RF engineers in the design and implementation of IoT networks.

Two-Way Radio

Two-Way Radio

ROCK Networks has been serving the agriculture and forestry sector for over 40 years. We are the #1 online Motorola dealer in Canada

Handheld Portable Two-Way Radios for All Industries

Motorola two-way radios have earned a reputation for durability and performance in harsh environments. Whether you require VHF radios to communicate long distances in your vehicles or equipment, waterproof radios to handle rain or snow, or extended battery life for the long days that are often required in Canada, ROCK Networks can help.

ROCK Networks has been serving the agriculture and forestry sector for over 40 years. As the #1 online Motorola dealer in Canada, we offer an industry-leading portfolio of technology to meet your specific needs and budget. We’re also home to expert radio technicians, best-in-class technical support and offer AIR MILES Reward Miles on every two-way radio purchase + price matching.

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Portable two-way radios can provide the right solution to help them to stay connected, enhance safety, strengthen security and boost efficiency.