Seamless Radio Communication from Halifax to Moncton with Latest Nova Venture

Communication among team members, especially in busy work environments, is imperative. But in work environments that involve transportation of some sort, whether it’s in the city area you live or long-haul, communication can be a little more difficult.

Nova Communications recognized this challenge and has a solution for those requiring two way radio communication in the Moncton, Truro and Halifax – and everywhere in between.

It’s a newly expanded 4D Network that is designed for just that – coverage and communication for companies working in the Halifax to Moncton area of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Who does this apply to?

  • Mobile workforces
  • Private companies
  • Businesses with the requirement for two way radio communication among teams of six to 50 or more

This communication tool is of benefit to everything from transport, delivery, field service, construction, public works and more. But the benefits don’t end there!

Not only does the network provide those working in the coverage area an opportunity for simple team communication abilities at the push of a button, but there are additional data features that are worth noting as well!

  • Safety Features – Hands-free driving with 4D is the way of the future – with the majority of provinces and territories in Canada implementing laws for distracted drivers for cellular users.
  • GPS Tracking – With the ability to monitor field activities of your employees, you can ensure the job is completed appropriately and use the tool to time other opportunities in the work day.
  • PC-Based Dispatch – This is dispatching taken to a whole new level. From a central computer, you can monitor locations of your employees, the radios that are in use, send a text message and even listen back to voice conversations to ensure the message was heard clearly. Whether you’re at a location in Moncton, or Toronto, your options are endless!
  • Text Messaging – With all around communication abilities, private communication through text messaging is possible to relay individual messages to team members.
  • No Industry Canada licensing required – We take care of that for you and you join our frequencies to avoid the sometimes eight week wait time for the network.

The products involved for either renting or buying under this plan are high quality Motorola digital two way radios. They have been built to withstand the rugged work environments you face daily, with work communications being their number one focus.

Radios purchased can also be supplied as intrinsically safe, for those working in hazardous environments with exposure to flammable materials. Audio accessories are also available, for noisy work environments.

Digital two way radios from Motorola offer loud, clear communications as well which, when complimented by the 4D Network from Nova – enables a broader scope of area coverage, without having to be responsible for the install and technical side of implementation.

The cost of this network coverage depends on the zoned areas you want service in, and the number of radios you require for the network. Your radio options can be tailored to your needs with portable two way radios, mobile (vehicle mounted) two way radios, and base stations for dispatch – at a consistent monthly price, once you decide your needs.

This 4D network by Nova Communications will better allow your company, and its employees, to stay in better contact with each other, and provide efficiencies and productivity in your line of work as a result.

Want to find out more information? Contact us today, we’d be happy to give you the answers you require to take advantage of this network!

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