Satellite Solutions

Empowering Remote Connections

As a unique end-to-end provider of satellite connectivity solutions, we help your organization or community close the connectivity gap. We work with satellite service providers such as OneWeb to provide low-earth orbit (LEO) connectivity in Canada as well as the geostationary (GEO) and medium-earth orbit (MEO) providers. We also work with next-generation terminal manufacturers that provide antennas that can connect to GEO, MEO, and LEO satellites across numerous bands making us a one-stop shop for satellite connectivity. 

Satellite Solutions

ROCK Networks can connect you to the internet via satellite from anywhere on the earth. Satellite is ideal for the following situations, but we can work with you to tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

  • End Consumer and Municipalities – The emerging LEO and MEO markets are opening up new opportunities to access the internet in rural areas, and LEO satellites can be an appealing option for residents without access to a fibre network.
  • Remote Connectivity –  LEO and MEO satellites are able to connect remote regions where laying fibre cable is not possible due to factors such as large ice sheets.
  • On-the-Move Communications – Small form factor terminals can connect to satellites from anywhere on earth, which are ideal for disaster response workers and soldiers.
  • IoT – Not all IoT devices can easily be connected to the internet as fibre access is not available everywhere. Small, portable terminals can provide connectivity to satellites in even the most remote locations, such as on trucks travelling through rural areas or on fishing boats.

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OneWeb Establishes Key Distribution Partnership for Canada With ROCK Networks

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Closing the Connectivity Gap and Providing Solutions Without Limits

Whether you want to build a community broadband solution, or you’re looking for a satellite terminal for your fleet fishing boats, ROCK Networks is here to help. As a unique provider of both end-to-end fibre and satellite solutions, we can get you connected.

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