Safety Certifications at Nova Communications: Ensuring Installations and Maintenance Get Done Safely

Here at Nova Communications, we’ve helped many Canadian companies with their technology needs, which includes installation and maintenance. We do this through our expert field technicians who give you the technological upgrades needed to make your company run optimally. But if you have concerns about technicians working in challenging environments, you probably wonder about their safety training.

We want to assure you that our safety certifications at Nova Communications are top-tier, because we define safety as a symbiotic process. You obviously want our technicians to work safely around your facilities to ultimately provide better safety for your own team.

This works by making sure our field technicians get the best safety training in the industry. It beats many competing companies, and includes the need to complete certifications before they do any physical work. Situations may occur in places like manufacturing plants, or in field locations with risky conditions – and we want to have our team ready to respond when there is a need.

The last thing we know you want is having a tech crew getting injured on your watch. Here’s some assurances our safety certifications are already in place for bringing technology assistance to help your company grow.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

To date, we have 10 technicians who we send out to do all field work. Every one of them have had thorough OH&S training in numerous disciplines. We want you to know what these are so when they arrive to your work site, they’ll have proper knowledge on safety and keeping your own employees safe.

One of the first things we provide training in is fall protection when our workers climb up to precarious places to install equipment. Next, we provide elevated platform training so technicians know how to navigate when working in challenging places. You’ll never have to grit your teeth when you see a technician crawling hundreds of feet up to install or repair something.

In the rare chance someone does fall, we train technicians with fall arrests. They also get certified in electrical awareness, safe ladder use, and how to handle themselves in confined spaces.

Basic fire safety is also essential, and our workers know steps to prevent fires before any technical work begins. Plus, they learn proper techniques for safely using power tools and extension cords, especially when having to work around distractions.

Last, every technician has ATV safety training so they properly operate vehicles for work in outdoor or indoor locations.

Above all, we make sure every one of our workers has first-aid training so they understand how to deal with injuries quickly if it ever occurs.

What This Training Means For You

Perhaps you worry about leaving technicians alone on-site when you and your employees leave. You never have to worry about that with our team, because they’ll be able to handle all jobs without taking risks. They’ll also clean up and tear down without needing your assistance based on their extensive training.

With this in mind, you can enjoy our services to help bring superior technologies to improve safety in your workplace. This includes providing Motorola’s two way radio systems as just one part of our expertise.

For us, the extensive certified training of our employees ensures our technician teams make it back home to their families without suffering injuries.

Updated Courses, and Our Lone Worker Program

When you need our services again, we guarantee all our training gets updated regularly to keep our technicians up on the latest regulations and safety procedures.

Through our newer Lone Worker Program, we train technicians so they can safely work on their own and maintain a safety protocol.

Contact us here at Nova Communications to use our technical services and expert technicians to provide the best Motorola products available today.

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