Rural Wireless Broadband Project Lead Wins Prestigious CATA Award

Nova Scotia Wireless Broadband Project Lead Awarded

We’re very pleased to see Ms. Nancy Flam, Project Director, Rural Broadband Initiatives for the Government of Nova Scotia win the Wilfrid Laurier University Public Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology. The recognition came at the 28th Annual CATA Alliance Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala Dinner in Ottawa Wednesday night.

Nova Communications is proud to be the fixed wireless broadband integrator for the three carriers for this ambitious project.

CATA described the ambitious project and its leadership:

“In 2007, Ms. Flam led a diverse team that developed an incredibly successful provincial broadband strategy and was appointed Project Director for implementation of Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia (BRNS), the provincial “last mile” Internet initiative. By mid-2010 this rugged coastal Atlantic Canadian province boasted nearly 100% broadband coverage to more than a thousand unserved and underserved communities.”

BRNS brought land-based, reliable, scalable, high-speed Internet service at prices and speeds competitive with basic urban service to rural businesses, residents, students, educators and health professionals. As well as overseeing the coordination of the network infrastructure build involving the coordination of several private sector Internet service providers, the BRNS team incorporated a change management strategy, Connect to Compete, a strategic approach to community economic and social development that helps communities plan to take full advantage of the power of the Internet.

Great to see the project and its leadership get national recognition.

For more information on the project a case study can be downloaded below. Contact Nova Communications today to see how we can help you with your wireless needs.

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