ROCK Networks Partners with Nexor to Facilitate Network Management and Security for Broadband Networks

ROCK Networks, a leading provider of wireless, broadband, and satellite solutions, has partnered with information exchange and cross-domain security specialists Nexor, to enhance our broadband network offerings with advanced network cybersecurity management.

This partnership will enable our customers with data and network security requirements to benefit from network cybersecurity solutions across fibre, wireless, and satellite. Nexor’s security monitoring solutions identify potential risks, implement protective measures, and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. Ongoing network security ensures cyber threat protection levels remain strong as new security threats emerge.

It is through collaboration with our consortium of partners that ROCK Networks cements our role as a leading end-to-end telecommunications systems integrator in Canada and as a groundbreaking provider in broadband design and implementation. ROCK Networks remains dedicated to bridging the digital divide using innovative fibre, wireless, and satellite solutions built especially for rural and remote Canada.