ROCK Networks Partners with Barrett Communications to Deliver VHF and HF Radios in Canada for Tactical, Critical, and Humanitarian Communications

Ottawa, ON – May 31, 2022 ROCK Networks, a leading provider of wireless, broadband, and satellite has partnered with Barrett Communications, a global designer and manufacturer of tactical VHF and HF radios to develop a unique communications solution for some of the most remote regions in Canada. 

Military, law enforcement agencies, and humanitarian groups around the world depend on Barrett radios for critical communication in remote areas not serviced by traditional infrastructure. HF and VHF radios eliminate the challenges of operating in such locations, providing for transmission of voice, email, and data signals without relying on any supporting infrastructure. 

This partnership allows ROCK Networks to sell and service Barrett radios with a focus on developing custom solutions for military forces, law enforcement, and humanitarian groups deployed in remote areas of Canada where traditional infrastructure does not currently exist.  

“ROCK Networks is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in Canada. There are many areas of the country where traditional communications infrastructure does not exist,” said Joe Hickey, President and CEO of ROCK Networks. “With Barrett Communications’ innovative technology, we can provide a reliable solution for critical communication in remote areas globally”.  

Barrett communications CEO, Andrew Burt, commented “We are pleased to be working together with ROCK Networks to support our customers throughout Canada.  We appreciate the inhospitable environment that our systems are deployed in and are proud to provide field proven VHF and HF communications solutions into the Canadian market.”   

With over 40 years of experience as a distributor and systems integrator of two-way radio solutions, ROCK Networks is an innovator in remote and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications. In addition to providing two-way radio systems and services throughout Canada, ROCK Networks is a leader in developing and deploying broadband connectivity solutions in rural and remote Canada.  

About Barrett Communications  

Barrett Communications is the specialist Australian designer and manufacturer of commercial and tactical HF and VHF radio communication systems. The Company’s global distribution to over 150 countries and customer support network in over 70 countries allows it to provide both OTS and turnkey network solutions to meet their clients’ exact requirements. For over 45 years Barrett Communications has provided HF communications solutions for government, business, humanitarian and AID organisations around the world. 

About ROCK Networks  

ROCK Networks is an end-to-end communications systems integrator with a variety of wireless and broadband solutions. We have served a wide range of corporate and government customers within the public safety, energy, transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors for nearly 40 years. Our customers trust us to provide industry-leading devices and services, nimble solutions, seamless integration, and best-in-class technical support.  

Our eight areas of communications expertise are Two-Way Radios & Rugged Devices; Next Generation 9-1-1; Broadband, Wireless, and Rural Broadband Networks; Wi-Fi solutions; IoT; Predictive Analytics and Disaster Recovery; Satellite access and Antennas, and Mobility Products and Services. We have national capabilities with locations in Ottawa, Ontario; Lethbridge, Alberta; St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador; Dartmouth and Sydney, Nova Scotia; and Moncton, New Brunswick. Find out more at  


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