Review of Hytera BD5 Series Two Way Radios

Combining the best of digital technology and industry research, Hytera has delivered the BD5 Series of business digital two way radios. This series features the Hytera BD50X and BD55X DMR radios that weigh in at less than half a pound and are built to Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F, and G, for protection against extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and humidity. These portable radios also have an IP54 rating for dust and water-proofing for an added layer of durability. Leveraging the extended battery life of DMR two way radios, Hytera boosts battery life to deliver up to 22 hours of communication without charging.

The BD5 Series of Hytera handheld digital radios are perfectly designed for industries like hospitality and warehousing, that need lightweight communications from a durable device that will last for long (or multiple) shifts and stand up to demanding environments and weather.

Enhanced Signal Receiving

The Hytera BD5 Series improves signal range and audio quality with their radio antenna design and audio correction technologies. In areas that normally have spotty coverage, like basements and pedways, users typically experience static interference on calls, or cannot even make or receive calls because the signal is too weak. The Hytera BD50X and BD55X increase the distance of signal range and automatically filter out background noise so users that need to cover a lot of ground during a shift never have to worry about missing or repeating important messages. This series of Hytera DMR two way radios also feature digital encryption and encoding to reduce signal interference even further and to protect all voice and data communications from unauthorized users.

More Channel Selection

The Hytera BD5 Series doubles the number of channels available with analog radios, to provide up to 256 channels that can be selected via continuous rotation. These business grade digital radios also offer a scanning feature to automatically scan for traffic on a selected group of channels and once a transmission is detected, the scanning will stop to broadcast the audio message. These features are very useful for companies with a large number of staff that need to assign and monitor multiple channels, and for users that need to listen in on communications from teams in other locations.

Analog and Digital Auto Detect

The BD50X and BD55X can support both analog and digital modes that businesses across Canada find essential to supporting their existing fleet of analog radios while they gradually migrate to digital two way radios. The BD5 Series of Hytera radios automatically detect the signal type when receiving a call and switch between analog and digital modes. The user simply presses the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button as normal to reply without having to check or adjust the mode their radio is in. This technology delivers even more migration capabilities to businesses that want to experience the benefits of digital two way radios but can’t replace their entire fleet of analog radios at once.

Hands-Free Push-to-Talk

Another unique feature of the Hytera BD5 Series radios is VOX. This feature enables users to activate their radio microphone via speaking volume to completely bypass the need to use the PTT button. The LED indicator light located on the top of the radio makes it even easier to see if messages have been successfully transmitted. Not only does this series of two way radios deliver hands-free communication for teams that need complete accessibility and focus on the task at hand, it also provides an added layer of safety in emergency situations when a user is not able to press the PTT button.

It’s pretty obvious that we think Hytera has packed a ton of useful business features into this series of compact digital radios. For over 30 years, Nova Communications has been helping businesses across Canada choose the best two way radios for their unique industry needs. If you think the Hytera BD5 Series of digital two way radios is the solution to improving your operations and communications, contact our team of two way radio specialists for a quote today.

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