Reduce Capital Expenses with Radio as a Service (RaaS)

Traditionally, when a business needs to purchase hardware they do so via capital expenditure. The ‘as-a-Service’ market has made it possible for businesses to shift up-front investments to manageable costs using an operating expenditure model. While purchasing equipment by CapEx means the business owns the asset, it also means the owner is stuck managing the hardware, potentially losing out on new technologies or products that are more useful and better suited to their operational needs. In contrast, the ‘as-a-Service’ OpEx model offers more flexibility and options in pricing. While the business doesn’t own the hardware, they don’t have to worry about their asset becoming obsolete because they have access to upgrades without incurring additional costs.

All too often when a business goes to purchase communications equipment by CapEx, it is for their immediate needs and there is no consideration for future scaling or scheduled maintenance. The main objective for any business is to maintain steady growth, so when choosing equipment that will keep your team connected and your operations running smoothly, you need a solution that doesn’t put limits on your growth or unnecessary strain on your budget. Buying or renting new radios every time your business expands or changes won’t always be a viable option. The best solution will be flexible and cost-effective with the ability to adapt to your operational needs.

Most businesses are probably familiar with Software as a Service (SaaS), delivering software solutions that don’t burden the customer with managing the service or covering costly upgrades. Nova Communications has customized the SaaS model for two way radios, offering Radio as a Service (RaaS). This is a turnkey solution that scales with your business and provides ongoing management and 24/7 support for your mobile and portable two way radios. RaaS has a low monthly fee to turn technology costs into a manageable expense, including a 5 to 10-year maintenance agreement that manages end-of-life and end-of-service.

Built-in Scalability
RaaS enables you to add radios as you need them, so your communications solution remains flexible to meet the changing needs of your operation.

Reduced Downtime
Downtime is an inefficiency that no business can afford. RaaS includes timely repairs, hardware replacements, and upgrades so your technology is always reliable, and your operations can continue running without interruption.

Superior Network Security
When it comes to keeping your information private, outdated encryption technology could put your communications at risk. Since RaaS covers your upgrades, your network security will always be up-to-date and protected.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Included
Usually when new hardware is purchased, maintenance is neglected because of cost. With RaaS, equipment and maintenance are included in the pricing.

Your communications solution doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) complicated. With easy monthly fees you can mitigate unexpected costs and downtime, while knowing that you always have the right hardware and technology for your business needs. Our team is here to help you simplify your equipment expenses, request a quote for RaaS today.

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