Professional Two Way Radios Excel on Work Site Against Lesser Valued Options

A number of us have seen the two way radios and walkie talkies featured at our local department or hardware store – usually under $100 and with a ‘guaranteed 25-mile range’. These walkie talkie style radios are built with the family in mind, for having fun in your backyard, or at a campground sleepover, but are not built for use in workplace settings.

Job sites and workplaces are not made for these Family Radio Service (FRS) radios, hence the name family in the title. You may have considered them for your job site, especially when you notice the price difference between those and two way radios built for commercial use. Today, we’re going to take a look at why the two way radios we sell are a bit more expensive, but also the difference it will make for your employees.

Price – As mentioned above, FRS radios can be found for under $100, but the quality is just not there for work settings, which we will talk about more below. The professional two way radios that Nova sells start at around $250 and increase in price from there – depending on the features you want at the time of purchase.

Durability – This is a big one. Especially when using on work sites. Motorola two way radios are built with durability in mind, and have a reputation as one of the most durable radios available in the industry. Before a radio hits the market, it is drop, vibration and shock tested to withstand whatever condition it may face with you or your employees. An FRS radio is not meant to stand up to those drops and vibrations or the everyday wear and tear you’d want it to.

Noise Cancelation – FRS radios are not built with noise cancelation in mind – in fact, you may find they give you more static noise than voice. Again, these are great tools for families, but a number of work sites don’t have the time to struggle with getting messages through. A number of Motorola two way radios are built with noise suppression capabilities, and will automatically lessen background noise so your message comes through loud and clear.

Range – A lot of packaging for FRS radios speak to the amazing range they cover for its users. Well, that’s not always the case, and certainly doesn’t match the range of Motorola two way radios. If you’re using radios on a worksite, you could be covering a large space, multiple floors and with a number of employees.

The range achieved by Motorola radios depends on the device you choose – UHF, VHF, analog, digital – but we are here to help you understand your wants and needs and select the best communication tool for your team.

Warranty – This is a consideration when looking at two way radios for business. Investing in any type of equipment for your work site requires thought and consideration. Investing in the wrong tools can lead to damaged goods and safety concerns for your staff.

A MotoTRBO two way radio from Motorola, for example, also has an expected lifetime of around five to seven years, with a three year warranty for parts and service. Who could argue that investment?

Interference – This is very much less of a concern if you’re using a professional grade two way radio for your business. With FRS-type radios, there are no private channels, which can often lead to cross talk and interference among other users in the area. The last thing you want on a work site is to have trouble communicating with your team because you’re listen to someone else nearby speak to their employees.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to put your employees life in danger by using a $30 to $100 piece of equipment. Investing in the right equipment, including communication tools, is vital for safety and efficiency. Two way radios come in all price points, and our knowledgeable staff here at Nova Communications can help you figure out the best option for your team. Contact us today for more information or click below to learn about the latest in digital two way radio technology.

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