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office team discusses wireless network options

RF Engineering

At ROCK Networks, we are proud of our track record for designing complex communications systems to be able to meet the specific needs of our corporate and government customers. We design and implement systems that incorporate multiple technologies, integrate with existing systems and networks, and are built with products from multiple manufacturers.

ROCK Networks’ RF engineers can perform a wide range of services, including:

    • Turnkey project capability
    • RF Coverage maps
    • RF Path analysis
    • System design drawings
    • IP network design
    • Inspection and test plans
    • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
    • Installation procedures
    • Commissioning procedures and documentation
    • As-built documentation
    • ILS documentation
    • Project management

Our engineers are experienced working with a wide range of technologies, including PTP, PMP, WiFi, digital two-way radio, satellite, cellular, M2M, and smartphones. They also have experience enabling technologies to make all wireless connections operate, from IP networking to UPS power backup.

ROCK Networks is registered to ISO9001:2015 quality standard.