Predictive Analytics

Make Strategic Business Decisions And Get Ahead of The Competition

Forward-thinking companies are investing in predictive analytics solutions to help simplify decision-making and improve ROI. ROCK Networks is home to sophisticated, market-leading predictive analytics software, from fishery management systems to insurance company fraud detection to business churn.

  • Make Better Business Decisions. Predictive analytics provides you with the data you need to make the best decisions for your business.
  • Market-Leaders in Data Science and Predictive Analytics. Partnering with OLSPS, we are specialists in the implementation of quantitative predictive analytics tools in fisheries management (from stock assessment analysis to data processing) as well as other commercial sectors.
  • Affordable Solutions. Our affordable solutions offer a great return on investment.
  • Customizable Solutions. Each solution is customizable based on your business needs and able to integrate with existing systems.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

  • Fisheries Management System (Dynamic Data Logger And Dynamic Data Manager). This is an advanced system for the electronic recording and reporting of fishing data, both in real-time and after. Installed on 400+ diverse fishing vessels around the world. Robust and customized.
  • Insurance Company Fraud Detection. Enabling insurance companies to detect fraudulent claims and preventing fraudulent payout, insurance companies see decreased operational costs, decreased claim processing time and higher satisfaction among customers.
  • Business Churn Prediction. It’s much more costly to acquire new customers than to keep your current ones. Our churn prediction solution identifies which customers are more likely to leave a business (churn) before they leave, giving you time to launch retention campaigns.