Portable vs. Mobile Two Way Radio – What’s Your Best Bet

The use of two way radios has changed drastically over the last 30 years – and not in the way you think. Users of the technology continue to rely on two way radios to provide the communication they need to excel in a productive, efficient and safe work environment. In fact, the number of industries using two way radios is growing.

What has changed, however, is the type of two way radio industries are using. A short time ago, about 70 per cent of users relied on the mobile (or vehicle mounted) two way radio for communication – because it was often industries on the move that used the technology. Now, about 90 per cent of two way radio users are choosing portable options, especially as there are a broader number of companies and industries adopting them for communication.

There are, however, some key industries that continue to use mobile two way radios for their communications needs:

  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Services
  • Construction

Here’s seven benefits to that choice, and why mobile radio options continue to excel:

Louder Speakers – If you’re on the move, you can expect to have to deal with noise levels that may make it hard to communicate – whether it’s trucks around you on the highway, siren noise, or general noise from your work site, you need to know you can communicate easily, and hear the messages relayed the first time. Mobile two way radios know that need, and the latest technology offers louder speakers to ensure they work how you expect them to – enabling your team to get their job done.

Better Audio – Digital two way radios offer a great feature known as Intelligent Audio, which automatically reduces background noise for its users, allowing the message to come through clearly, but also your messages relayed in return to be heard. Having this feature has reduced downtime by up to 20 per cent in some industries – leading to more efficient and safe work environments as a result.

Better Range – Mobile two way radios have more power and a better antenna that gives people on the move, and their users, a better range for communications. This means that the area your team covers with their two way radio is greater if you go with a mobile two way radio. The latest in digital technology already enables up to 20 per cent more range than its predecessor (the analog radio), so imagine getting just a bit more from your mobile, and how it could help your team.

Durability – Motorola two way radios are known for their durability – they can easily handle the bumps and bruises of the toughest Canadian industries. Mobile two way radios are built with the same durability in mind – and given that they are mounted, they are not prone to being bumped around as much, and usually hold up longer as a result.

Capacity to Integrate – While employees on the move are users of mobile two way radios, that doesn’t mean everyone on your team is using the technology. The benefit of the latest in this radio technology is the ability for mobile and portable two way radios to integrate together – providing seamless communication abilities across both platforms. This ensures that an employee in a truck can quickly, and effectively, connect with a user in an office or plant setting.

Bluetooth – There are two advantages to the Bluetooth feature in mobile two way radios. First of all, with this feature, there are wireless speaker mics that can pair with the technology to allow your team members to leave their vehicle and do things, while remaining in communication with their radio inside. Transport drivers, such as tow truck or couriers, really find this feature helpful. Another added feature is that those two way radios with Bluetooth can connect to a push-to-talk device attached to steering wheels, and a speaker mic on a visor, that allows the drivers to continue to have two hands on their wheel, while also keeping in contact.

Distracted Drivers – There are a number of restriction on communication devices in vehicles across Canada. The majority of provinces and territories have regulations around the mindset of distracted driving, which a number of companies adhere to as a result. Having a mounted two way radio paired with a speaker mic enables your team members to keep in touch safely, while adhering to the law.

While mobile two way radios aren’t the answer to every communication need across all industries, there are some clear benefits to their use in the right setting. With a number of two way radios (both mobile and portable) to choose from, it can be a daunting task to determine what suits your needs – but that’s where our team of experts comes in.

With more than 30 years in the two way radio business, and having worked with any and all industries across Canada, we have the knowledge to help determine what option is best for you. Contact us today! Want to know which radio is best for you? Try the Radio Selector below!

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