P25 Two Way Radio Accessories – What You Need To Know

A number of emergency personnel and in some cases, public works employees, especially in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and most recently, Alberta, with the launch of its system, have seen the benefit of the P25 two way radios in their workplace. These radios have been chosen because they can be relied on when you need to get a job done.

Every second counts when there is an emergency, or in results-driven work environments such as public safety, and the rugged, durable potential of the P25 radios suit that need.

But are you finding you could get more out of your P25 two way radio experience – if you had the right tools for using it? The radios deliver what you need to increase safety, communication and, of course, situational awareness in calls, but is there greater potential for its use?

We look at some of the accessories available with the radios that might make your experience better – whether it’s extending power or the reliability you have come to expect.

Headsets – Workplaces can be a noisy place, but that doesn’t take away from the need for communication. The need for you to be aware of your surroundings while also hearing the calls on your radio is vital, and headsets aid in that process. There are a number of Motorola branded heavy-duty headsets that can do everything from connecting to your P25 two way radio wirelessly, to the obvious of further protecting your hearing and allowing you to property communicate with your co-workers.

Nova Communications sells a number of heavy-duty headsets that suit the needs listed above. Let us know what we can do to help you with that process.

Bluetooth Speaker Mics – Not all users of P25 two way radios are using the portable devices – some are using mobile radios that are, obviously, left in the truck. With the Long Range Wireless Remote speaker mic with Bluetooth gateway, your radio can be up to 100 metres away from you and clear communication can remain in effect.

Audio Accessories – From hearing protectors to ear receivers and earpieces, we have audio accessory options galore for your needs! If you’re looking to have discreet conversations – we can do that. Want to receive only? We can do that, too! Clarity and audio quality in these Motorola accessories are imperative, and they deliver on that promise.

Chargers – P25 two way radios are built with IMPRES technology, which is a valuable tool to have in your communication belt. As such, and because you’re team is probably using more than one two way radio, it may be beneficial to consider a multi-unit, or gang charger, for your fleet.

An added benefit to the IMPRES technology in your radio, and in the chargers you use with them, is overheating and overcharging is not an issue.

Remote Speaker Mics (Wireless and Otherwise) – The benefit of this product? You may not realize it, but some of these products (like the XE Remote Speaker Microphone) were designed by firefighters to suit the needs of you – emergency personnel. The controls on these mics are made larger to operate more effectively when you’re wearing thick gloves on a call. The controls themselves are also easily found, if you’re too busy to look down.

On top of all that, there are options with Dual Mic Noise Suppression – allowing clear communications in what tends to be noisy work environments.

Other mics, like the APX XP Remote Speaker Microphone is ideal for the police officers and public safety users of the P25 two way radios because, in addition to the Dual Noise Suppression mentioned above, they can withstand dirt and are built with an ergonomic design for the user.

The speaker mics built for P25 two way radios are made for your type of environment and are up to 50% louder with the same speaker as found in the radios themselves.

The benefit of the accessories listed above is that, because they are Motorola products, they endure rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the use you will put them through daily. Radios and batteries, for example, are put through drop tests, shock tests and vibration testing – all potential factors they could be exposed to.

Batteries are also a great added accessory to have on hand. While digital radios like the P25 two way radios have great battery power, it’s always nice to know you have a second battery to swap out – in case your day is longer than you expected (often the case, of course, in emergencies).

We’ve heard from some of the users of these two way radios that sometimes chest packs are a better tool for carrying your two way radios to prevent cords being caught in obstructions and for communication closer to your mouth. We sell those, too, and can offer some great suggestions for you.

While this may seem like a vast list of options for you, a number of these accessories are going to give you the benefits you should expect from your P25 two way radios. You know the power and abilities of the radio, but the accessories continue to deliver on the features you’d expect.

Contact us here at Nova Communications if you’d like to learn more.

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