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oil rig worker on two way radio

Motorola Two Way Radios: Sometimes Simplest Solution is Best

In today’s wired world, there are so many advanced ways for co-workers to communicate. From email to smart phones, testing to video chatting applications, a new method to connect seems to appear daily. In this cluttered environment, it can be easy to forget that sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. If you work… Read More»

trucker on two way radio

Motorola XPR7350 Two Way Radio Provides Reliability and Durability for Harsh Conditions

The Motorola XPR7350 is a top-of-the line Motorola two way radio perfect for rugged conditions where communication is critical. If your employees frequently face tough conditions, work in noisy environments, and are on the front lines of situations where reliability is an absolute must, the XPR7350 can provide the high-quality communication you need to get… Read More»

motorola batteries for radio

What is the Warranty of Motorola Batteries?

One of the top questions we get asked by our customers is “what is the warranty on batteries?” Every year, Nova Communications sells thousands of Motorola batteries, and most of the time they perform well above specs and warranties. Not surprising because Motorola customers have known for a long time the quality in Motorola batteries… Read More»

retail store clerk on two way radio

DTR650 Motorola Two Way Radios Help Retailers Communicate

Motorola’s DTR650 Onsite digital two-way radio is helping retailers communicate better. Why is this important? In a recent survey of retail managers, one of the top areas to improve customer satisfaction was reliable two way radio communication between staff and managers. When everybody is in the loop, issues can be resolved more quickly, or even avoided altogether, more easily… Read More»

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Looking to Buy Two Way Radios? Start Here!

If you’re in the market for two way radios, it can sometimes be confusing to read about all the features and specifications of the models available. Many people are surprised that so many options exist. And if you’ve never used two way radios before, things may seem even more complicated. So, if you’re looking to… Read More»

Motorola MotoTRBO Radios

Motorola MotoTRBO Radios Are the Latest in Digital Transmission

Clear communication is crucial in any business, but certain environments present more challenges to communication than others. Do you work on a noisy construction site? In a busy manufacturing plant? Way out in the wilderness where coverage can be spotty? If so, you probably know the frustration of trying to hear or transmit a message… Read More»

motorola nova communications vhf uhf

VHF vs. UHF Two Way Radios – Which is Better for Your business?

VHF or UHF: what is the right frequency?    One of the first steps to take before purchasing new radios is to determine the best frequency band for your needs. Why is this important, you ask? The simple answer is that it ensures the best possible results for your environment. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and… Read More»

oil worker on rig with radio & mic

Motorola Intrinsically Safe Two Way Radios Increase Safety for Canadian Industry

Intrinsically Safe Motorola Radios Crucial for Protecting Workers Clear communications are imperative for maintaining safety on any work site, but especially while working in hazardous conditions that contain high concentrations of combustible materials. The communications equipment used on these sites must be reliable, and provide clarity of sound and sufficient range of operation. Sometimes environmental… Read More»

canada day celebrations

What Canada Day Means to Nova Communications

This July 1, Canadians all across the country – and most likely all around the world – will be filled with pride and joy. A grand national smile will spread and be felt from Whitehorse to St. Johns, from Iqaluit to Toronto and all points in-between. July 1 will mark the celebration of Canada Day!… Read More»

man in warehouse on two way radio

Do I need to upgrade my Two-way Radio System to Digital?

With the advent of digital two way radio technologies like Motorola’s MotoTRBO and Kenwood’s Nexedge systems in recent years, many two way radio users are wondering if it is time to upgrade to a digital two way radios system. There are a number of factors to consider when making a choice, and not every company is the… Read More»