Options for Commercial Users Currently on TMR

There have been recent reports in the media about businesses who will not have TMR two way radio service beyond this summer. We thought it would be helpful to provide some background on the change and highlight options for current TMR business users.

First, what led to business users needing to change from TMR? TMR (or TMR1 as it is also now frequently called) was originally launched over a decade ago primarily as a two way radio system for public safety use. TMR was also attractive to businesses due to its ease-of-use and province-wide coverage which was unprecedented at the time.

Particularly in the early days of the TMR system, Bell Mobility and Nova Communications loaded many business customers on the TMR system. It has proven to be a durable solution and the rugged Motorola radios have served businesses well for many years.

TMR1 is now being updated to TMR2. TMR2 is a P25 system operating in the 700MHz public safety spectrum. Industry Canada has restricted this new 700MHz spectrum to users in public safety such as fire, police, ambulance and defence – and a few related organizations who need to interoperate with these public safety agencies.

Thus commercial users on TMR1 were notified in the summer of 2014 that they would need to find other options. The good news is that a number of stong alternatives have developed for commercial users since the original launch of TMR. Nova can work with businesses to explore a variety of options:

Nova Communications is a Bell Mobility partner and we are working with many businesses to complete their migration from TMR1 to a new system. Businesses still on TMR1 can contact us to discuss your specific requirements and options.

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