Online Shopping Tool Benefits Nova Customers

Sometimes shopping from the comfort of your office chair or living room is the ideal situation. With that in mind, Nova Communications has the tool to ensure that, whenever you are ready to do your shopping, or want to learn more about two way radio products and accessories, you can do so via our online shopping tool.

Through the tool at Nova Communications, you have the ability to shop Canada’s largest online selection of two way radios and radio accessories. Not only can you learn more about the product, but also directly purchase from our site.

You may need help with radio research, or maybe you have the radios that work best for your team, but we’re happy to have you come online and see what accessories we can offer for your business to meet your needs. We’re also happy to help in any way to answer the questions you may have about our products. Afterall, we have a vast knowledge of the two way radios and accessories we sell, along with the industries that use them.

Products available online include:

  • Batteries – It doesn’t matter where you work, you and your team need dependable batteries in your two way radios to ensure effective communications throughout the workday. Nova has an array of battery options to choose from and a minimum one-year warranty on the item. All batteries sold by us are either Motorola Original or Motorola IMPRES batteries, which speaks to the durability you can expect from this product.
  • Speaker Mics – Did you know having a speaker mic can prevent dropping damage or losing radios? Often times the user is using the mic vs. handling the radio, leading to less drops. These products are great in industrial, construction, manufacturing and emergency workplaces. Nova sells mics with various capabilities include waterproofing and noise cancelling.
  • Headsets – These accessories improve audio quality in a number of work environments from hospitality, manufacturing to emergency services. Nova Communications also carries Bluetooth capable headsets, which can work with various Motorola phones and two way radios. Also available in intrinsically safe models.
  • Chargers (single and multi-unit) – Whatever your need for whatever your Motorola battery type, we have the charger for you. From the convenient gang charger to the easily portable single-unit charger, it’s important to keep those batteries ready for your team.
  • Earpieces – Offering a private, non-disruptive means of communication in both customer service and public safety environments, earpieces are a great accessory to consider. It doesn’t matter your price, Nova can help you find an earpiece that will work great for your organizations wants and needs – from light-duty to heavy-duty work environments.
  • Belt Clips and Cases – A great way to protect your radio is a durable case or chest pack. Want to wear your radio comfortably? Consider a belt clip for ease of carrying throughout the work day.

Did You Know?

Through the shopping tool, there are opportunities to learn more about the two way radio products that could work for you and your team. Both portable and mobile two way radios are available to learn about, and the online search tool can help you narrow down exactly the radio that might work for your industry – whether manufacturing, warehousing, transport, oil & gas, retail, hospitality or one of the many other industries we’ve been proud to work with!

Not sure what is the right two way radio for your business? Try our FREE Motorola radio selector! By answering a couple of questions, we’ll be able to recommend up to three radios that might be right for you.

You can then take that information and give one of our great, knowledgeable staff a call – and they’ll help you to further narrow your options to the best radio for you.

Nova Communications is Canada’s largest online dealer of Motorola two way radios. We are proud to contribute to keeping workers safe in organizations throughout Canada and aiding in keeping communication at the forefront with our two way radio products.

If you’d like to find out more information about how a two way radio or accessory may work best for your team, contact us today.

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