Nova Welcomes International Engineer to Team

The team at Nova Communications grew this summer by one. Adeola Gbadeboi joined the team in August as part of a three month placement to further expand his engineering skills to work in Canada.

Adeola moved to Nova Scotia in March from Nigeria, where he earned his Bachelor and Master Degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering, and worked in the field of telecommunication and project management for 10 years. A perfect match for Nova Communications.

But, regulations through both the Engineers of Nova Scotia and Engineers of Canada indicate that, no matter what your experience level is, you must complete a year worth of work before you’re qualified to get your license and work full-time in the country as an engineer.

The Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) has a 12-week placement program for people like Adeola who want to start getting experience under their belt, but who are having trouble breaking into a new market.

“Clients tell me that without local work experience, it’s hard to break into the local workforce. Even with 15 or 20 years of experience, sometimes with reputable companies, it can be hard to break through that barrier,” says Rosemary Matsell, the Coordinator of the Internationally Educated Engineers Bridging Program at ISANS. “The reason this program succeeds is because companies like Nova Communications are willing to participate and work with our clients.”

This is the second time Nova Communications has partnered in the program, and there’s been great benefit in having the skillset it brings as part of the team.

“Although the program is designed as a way to bridge the knowledge and culture gap for these IEE individuals, they sometimes bring with them another perspective on how things are done and, in many situations, they just become an integral part of the team,” says Mohamed El Agha, Manager, RF Engineering and Projects here at Nova. “It is also a way to support and grow our community and I see this as being our social responsibility as an industry leader to support these individuals”

Adeola said he would like to stay in Nova Scotia if he can find work in the province and said his work experience at Nova Communications helped to compliment his career goals for working in Canada.

“I believe I have been equipped with the necessary tools needed to work effectively and efficiently, more importantly to face the challenges within the Canadian system,” he said. “My career goal is to work with among the best managed telecommunication company in Canada where my qualifications, experience and skills will have significant contribution to the business objective.”

Did you know Nova Communications had an engineering department? With an RF and project development focus, they are just a portion of the talent and skills we offer customers like you. Having been in business for more than 30 years, Nova Communications has the knowledge to put everything from wireless networks, two way radio systems and more in place to help your business.

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