Nova Introduces Service Agreement Support for Customers

We want to save you money, time and reduce frustration.

Imagine if you could ensure that the systems you buy from Nova are kept up-to-date, will work when you need it most, and that you know the full support cost of the product – no guessing games or hidden fees.

Here at Nova Communications, we’ve listened to you and developed a new service support contract that is tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a new customer with us, or a customer with existing systems, there is definite value in signing on with our service agreements.

Benefits of a Nova Communications service agreement include:

  1. Fixed support cost – With these agreements, there are no guessing games when forecasting your budget for maintenance services. Paying for services on an incremental basis may be more expensive for you over time, but our support contract services are more economical.
  2. Expert technical expertise – You’ll have access to the people who know the technology best and who have a vested interest in your success and continuity in how any problems are resolved. This includes preventative, preemptive work or maintenance and system updates. There is great value in knowing that your technology will remain in prime condition, and help you to do your job both safely and effectively.
  3. Priority response – You receive priority over warranty customers or those without a support contract, reducing downtime in your technology. If you have issues with defective equipment or firmware, you can also know it’s taken care of.
  4. Convenience – The administrative paperwork is taken care of upfront, which means you’ve avoided delays in establishing a payment vehicle with each service call. Nova Communications looks after the RMA process for you, so you only deal with Nova and not a whole bunch of other vendors.
  5. Safeguards your investment – Ongoing, comprehensive support coverage helps to prolong and protect your valuable investment by ensuring that systems are kept up-to-date and useable, but also to have a plan for end of life equipment.

There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment and technology is taken care of. Ultimately, it allows you to do your job and ensure your long days don’t get longer.

Want to learn more about our service agreements? There are plenty of options to choose from that can complement your business needs, and we’d love to tell you what you need to know. Contact us today!

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